mickeblue / 1 decade ago (25 July 2008 01:29)

Gerriland's Boot Skin posting got me thinking about something that many years ago was a bit of a mystery to me, fortunately some nice people on the Aston forums helped me figure it out...

It isn't really relevant to me now, as for years I've been using a program called TuneUp Utilities, a system optimizer, which amongst other things allows me to change my boot skin willy nilly, but if you don't have such a program and still want to get creative with how Windows behaves you might want to have a look at Jake Ludington's excellent page on how to tweak your system.... JUST REMEMBER TO BACK UP ANY FILES BEFORE YOU START RENAMING OR REPLACING THEM LOL

It's childs play really if you follow the basic rules... ... but it opens up another 'window' for your imagination.

Knock yourselves out guys! lol

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1 decade ago (25.07.2008 09:27)
Reply by: sed
The Man can find anything!! Great link!!! Cool