Featured ´Tree´ photo.

nova28 / 1 decade ago (11 May 2008 12:48)

The currently featured photo 'Tree' has been submitted at least 10 times to photobucket.com by all different people. Who originally took this photo ? Did the person who submitted it to skinbase take this photo ? Or did they just download it from photobucket.com ? What is going on ??



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1 decade ago (11.05.2008 04:36)
Reply by: etype2
Checking now. what you say?
1 decade ago (11.05.2008 06:23)
Reply by: mikelly
The photo at photobucket looks a little bit different,Looks like it may have been taken from a different angle.You have to look closely but I´m thinking that its a different photo!Just my opinion what you say?
1 decade ago (11.05.2008 07:08)
Reply by: mikelly
Sorry about the last comment But after another look I was wrong it is the same photo ,Its just cropped Amazed
1 decade ago (11.05.2008 07:44)
Reply by: adni18
Thank you for the information nova28, for sure it is a rip Sad
1 decade ago (11.05.2008 07:52)
Reply by: adni18
The member sirious_love7707 no longer belongs to Skinbase family.
We don´t accept rippers among us. Sad
1 decade ago (11.05.2008 01:46)
Reply by:
Well, congrats Skinbase for promptly dealing with this. Great job!

I had a suspicion about that photo immediately when it was first posted but without evidence I kept my mouth shut. Nova 28 did a great job with all those links. Kudos to you. These people who rip follow the same behavior pattern and with little work its easily noticeable. I am not saying its present with all cases, but its been the case now for every one of them who has been caught here. I´d rather not say what this is due to the possibility of "tipping" them off and then they will be tougher to catch. Perhaps you already know what I am eluding to. Fun
1 decade ago (11.05.2008 03:46)
Reply by: kchristine
Fred, don´t keep your mouth shut. LOL. Just let a staff member know and we will all do our best to find the original. Booming love