Art and Skins site down!

etype2 / 1 decade ago (04 May 2008 09:41)

Art and Skins site down once again. Sad

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1 decade ago (05.05.2008 04:33)
Reply by: contractartist
well if we all started to read the installation documentation more often we would have renamed the admin folders to a long string of letters , and placed the name changes into the config.php before the install of the site so the changes would have been incorporated into the database.......if we leave the admin folder in its default name e107_admin........ it is no wonder that they have so easy access ...they knew were to look! are not the only one to avoid reading the manual..I was no different I plan to do a reinstall when I get the time....did you leave "open" permissions in the CMOD? Test plugins on a testing server first... using Xammp... Angry
1 decade ago (05.05.2008 04:55)
Reply by: ExoRz
Hmm... go to Grin the new one Grin
1 decade ago (05.05.2008 07:23)
Reply by: contractartist
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE READ CONSERNING E107 Security!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Security has been a primary concern since the first released versions of e107, and for this reason there are some very easy measures you can take to make your site more secure ...
Rename your e107_admin directory: this will make it less obvious to other e107 users where your admin files are.

The procedure to change your directory names has changed. The definitions have been moved to e107_config.php.

If you are UPGRADING from a very old version of e107 (e.g. less than v.615), you will need to open class2.php and find the following lines.

// If you need to change the names of any of your directories, change the value here then rename the respective folder on your server ...
$ADMIN_DIRECTORY = "e107_admin/";
$FILES_DIRECTORY = "e107_files/";
$IMAGES_DIRECTORY = "e107_images/";
$THEMES_DIRECTORY = "e107_themes/";
$PLUGINS_DIRECTORY = "e107_plugins/";
$HANDLERS_DIRECTORY = "e107_handlers/";
$LANGUAGES_DIRECTORY = "e107_languages/";
$HELP_DIRECTORY = "e107_docs/help/";
$DOWNLOADS_DIRECTORY = "e107_files/downloads/";

Cut these lines from class2.php and paste them into e107_config.php. Now you can change the folder names from here.

If this is a NEW INSTALL the folder names are already in e107_config.php.

This procedure depends on you completing the steps above and making sure the file paths are located in e107_config.php now.
To rename your e107_admin directory (or any of your other directories), first rename the folder in the usual manner using your FTP client. Then open e107_config.php from the root directory of your e107 installation in a text editor, and find the following line near the top of the file ...
$ADMIN_DIRECTORY = "e107_admin/";
... and change e107_admin/ to the name you´ve renamed it on your server
You can change the name of all your e107 directories using this method
There are some security settings that you can change from your admin area. Go to the preferences page and you´ll see a section marked Security

1 decade ago (05.05.2008 11:28)
Reply by: etype2
Jamie, this is PearDop´s site. Thank you for the information. I hope it helps her. Happy clap clap
1 decade ago (05.05.2008 11:29)
Reply by: etype2
...typo, PearlDrop. Happy
1 decade ago (05.05.2008 11:35)
Reply by: ExoRz
Hmm..PearlDrop have the mind to figure out what the problem is..Wink
and you have the info.. and it should be Easy 4 here!!tyty Jamie
1 decade ago (06.05.2008 03:56)
Reply by: contractartist
I made thease same mistakes too....It wasn´t untill I heard someone mentioning the security problems that I looked into it......Kenneth you´ve got the same security issue,...maybe that is why you had problems in the past......I´m working on fixing my site..I´ve just been too preoccupied to get to it till now. Amazed
It should look more like this...

$ADMIN_DIRECTORY = "97n89v63t5n89p7589n7w4mpw45876/";
$FILES_DIRECTORY = "bm0aw356890b6pwb4m5890w4m8n7m/";
$IMAGES_DIRECTORY = "3b06n8056n7b745wb4m5906b56bmw459/";
$THEMES_DIRECTORY = "b90q3680ym75890y7690n7w490/";
$PLUGINS_DIRECTORY = "ps59nm8w49b8590y85n77i870459/";
$HANDLERS_DIRECTORY = "048nmw4905y8b90y8w97i70w/";
$LANGUAGES_DIRECTORY = "658we568e568ke568ke5787kw/";
$HELP_DIRECTORY = "7ie6789,678946789k689/7i867i7i7i/";
$DOWNLOADS_DIRECTORY = "e678768r6k78j7u8r6/894696895895789578905/";
1 decade ago (06.05.2008 06:12)
Reply by: ExoRz
Hmm.. i dont have any poblems now.. only site who is running e107 is Happy
IPB its muuuch Better Grin
1 decade ago (07.05.2008 08:08)
Reply by: PearlDrop
lol@PearDrop I like how you say that Marshall, your a sweetheart.. Booming love
This information is very helpful thanks so much, never too young I mean too old the learn something
I will keep this in mind...don´t know if I will use this portal yet, I guess its going to take time for me to get over the hurt and being upset for awhile.
Thanks guys!
Booming love
1 decade ago (07.05.2008 08:51)
Reply by: adni18
Why the text on Art and Skins site are black on black background Pearl? :what
1 decade ago (07.05.2008 08:25)
Reply by: PearlDrop
adni it was set to close forever, when I got home from work from a long hard day and thought I would have some fun around ANS, I come thru the site and guess what it was hacked into AGAIN, I was very upset and exhausted to the point that I didn´t want to do it anymore to it, that I give up..I´m sure everyone goes thru this at one point of time..if you remember how long ANS been around? Well it´s been around for over 4 yrs, and been hacked into how many time? more then twice!

I would love to keep ANS alive if people would just stop hacking into it.
I have someone looking into it right now to see if they can restore the database, since I couldn´t myself, if not then I have a plan B with a new portal.

After I calmed down and rested I have talked with great friends, I have decided to try again for the last time.
I love ANS and I have dedicated members who wants it back up again, if It wasn´t for them then ANS would be close forever.

Thanks for your dedication and your support!
Just keep checking back Grin
1 decade ago (07.05.2008 08:32)
Reply by: ExoRz
Damn im Kind to PearlDrop Grin hehe
Good Luck with ANS Grin,, i dont know what system u are useing.. but WoW he who made the portal is great Grin
1 decade ago (08.05.2008 08:28)
Reply by: adni18
I guess I wasn´t clear Pearl, my question is why the text in the ANS site now is black on black background?
I mean the existing following text:

We are working hard to bring ANS back!
Please keep checking back!
Any questions please email [LINK]
Option: If anyone would like to donate
On another note I like to tell everyone Thank you for your dedication and support and I really enjoy everyone!
I had look forward seeing each and everyones artwork, and made many new friends!
Thank you!
1 decade ago (08.05.2008 08:57)
Reply by: PearlDrop
The site is not ready yet for public viewing yet Wink
I could not set anything to the site, like setting it to maintence.
My host even had a current backup database but they have tried to restored it but no success Sad

Line 304 /hsphere/local/home/pearldro/

Error reported as: [3]: Core settings saved - backup made active.
Line 306 /hsphere/local/home/pearldro/

Error reported as: [4]: No core backup found. Please run the Reset_Core utility to rebuild your core settings.
After rebuilding your core please save a backup from the admin/sql screen.
1 decade ago (08.05.2008 09:00)
Reply by: PearlDrop
Oh, my host even sent me details to how to´s ... to see If I can do the restore my self and it didn´t work on my end.
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