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netwolf56 / 1 decade ago (28 April 2008 06:23)

I was recently in a downtown park and started to take a shot of several small children (ages 3-5)who were feeding a rather large flock of birds. The woman nearby shouted," i prefer you didn't take pictures of the children."
I didn't take the picture, but it got me thinking just what were the rules for taking photos in a public place. I would assume that if a person(no matter the age)is in a public place they are fair game. Then there's also the issue of common courtesy. I can sorta see why, in this day and age, someone might not want their children photographed. Anyway, I would like to hear comments and ideas on how best to handle this issue. Thanx!

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1 decade ago (28.04.2008 09:39)
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Good topic. Dave... thats a tough one. I never feel comfortable taking pictures as you describe here for exactly that reason. I always feel like I am violating someone´s privacy. Play it by ear, or in this case by eye - but for the most part my suggestion is to ask permission. Especially with kids. I believe that most people will not mind. If they do? Well, there are countless opportunities out there to find. They will take care of themselves as long as you are willing to look.
1 decade ago (28.04.2008 10:07)
Reply by: etype2
I agree with Fred. When you are focusing on children and they are not your own,best policy is to ask permission first. In large public places,with many people in the scene,you should not have to worry unless a no photograph sign is posted in the area. Just use your good judgement. Happy
1 decade ago (28.04.2008 11:03)
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I agree with Fred and Marshall... OhWell
1 decade ago (29.04.2008 12:53)
Reply by: netwolf56
Good advice guys...thanks! As Fred said, there are opportunities without upsetting anyone. We´re not paparazzi after all.