Artnskins 1st Contest!

PearlDrop / 1 decade ago (01 April 2008 06:18)


Hey Dear members … we are glad to announce our 1st Challenge
The first challenge will be an "open theme" wallpaper challenge

Winner will have :
winning Piece shown on the ANS Home Page until the following challenge take place
Name written on "ANS HALL OF FAME" with a link to his winning wall
And sure a badge on his wall page as the winner in ANS Challenge

Can't wait to see all your great designs ……. Wink

for more info & Confirming participating

I think contest are fun... anyone in for some fun? Booming love Photographer

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clap clap clap clap
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Cant log on pearly... Getting an error msg!! OH WELL :what
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Got it Cool
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Sorry, the host was transfering to another host thats why the site was loading slow, everything is backup and running smoothly, thanks for your patience! Booming love Booming love