Would make a nice wallpaper

etype2 / 1 decade ago (17 February 2008 09:09)

Saw this today. Wanted to share. Happy


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1 decade ago (17.02.2008 09:12)
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Id say... Amazed
1 decade ago (17.02.2008 10:11)
Reply by: kchristine
Thanks for the link Marshall! Booming love
1 decade ago (18.02.2008 02:53)
Reply by: mickeblue
Nice isn´t it?

Bear in mind though that it isn´t real, it is a very talented artists´ perception of what is going on
out there... he/she is lucky enough to have been noticed by the folks who administer the site ( they made their choices a long while ago ). so their work gets used.
Space.com has a lot of similar artwork on their site. If you make this sort of artwork why not draw the sites´ editors attention?
1 decade ago (19.02.2008 01:16)
Reply by: etype2
Not sure what you mean? That is a real photo. Happy
1 decade ago (19.02.2008 03:30)
Reply by: sed
Everyone in my office here had to see EVERY single one of the photos!! clap
1 decade ago (20.02.2008 05:39)
Reply by: wary109
great link *-*