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nadgerry / 1 decade ago (25 January 2008 03:29)

Hi, I was thinking of getting a new camera when I get back to France this summer and I was wondering what to check before buying ....18-200 mm, its all Chinese to me, I want a camera I don't have to change for a good few years, I'd like to be able to take macro shots, family shots of course, so what sort of lenses would I need Booming love

Gerry Running

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1 decade ago (25.01.2008 03:46)
Reply by: sed
Photographer First thing to look out for is a cammera that can use inter-changable Lens s
Canon Nikon Olympus??? On and On clap Cool
1 decade ago (25.01.2008 03:52)
Reply by: nadgerry
u mean lenses from different companies Sed??
1 decade ago (25.01.2008 11:12)
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Hi Gerry. Its mostly about what you would like to spend. Its sounds to me like you would be a good candidate for what they call a "magazoom" model. That 18mm number that you mention would give you a very wide angle on your subjects. It squeezes much more side to side in an image. The higher number is the zoom. The higher, the closer that you get to your subjects. My Sony megazoom model gives me a range of 23mm-465mm. I can get close enough to just about anything worth shooting. Detachable lenses are best - but they come with a price. Additionally, they present more to lug around. Funny you should start this thread because I am looking for a second, very compact model. I often miss an opportunity due to the fact that I cannot bring the larger Sony everywhere (like a concert) I have seen some amazing architecture that I wished I had a pocket camera for. The megapixel thing has gotten so good now that they have exceeded what most people will ever need. An 8 on that would be fine. Good luck... Photographer
1 decade ago (25.01.2008 11:20)
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The small ones that I am looking at are Canon, Fuji, and Nikon. It will be one of those. Panasonic just came out with a megazoom with an 18x zoom (amazing) and I believe its priced well. Mine is a 15x zoom so this one tops it off. Just some more info for you. Happy
1 decade ago (25.01.2008 02:47)
Reply by: CoolWalker
Hi...I have just the camera for you. It will be on the shelves in a week or so. It is the Canon Digital rebel Xsi and it is above and beyond the other rebels. 12mpxls with 53 continuous bursts, 3.5 shots per second and interchangable lens, as do all canon SLR´s. Why consider anything other than a Canon when it is the #1 in the world with the finest technical support in the world.
1 decade ago (25.01.2008 05:20)
Reply by: sed
I would agree with COOLWALKER this newest Canon is the BALLZ!!!! 18mm is perfect for zooms too by the way Cool
1 decade ago (25.01.2008 05:25)
Reply by: radnor
Hello. I have been investigating new cameras, also. I found a few websites that may be helpful in making an informed decision.

This site [LINK] has an extensive questionaire. As you answer each section, you can choose to see a list of cameras that meet your wants. As you answer more sections, the camera recommendations become closer to what you are looking for. In the last section, you prioritize your feature preferences. Clicking on the ´recommendations´ button gives a list a 5 cameras. From there, you can see a detailed list of features for each of these cameras, or you can click to see the next 5 cameras.

This is an interesting questionaire, as it encourages you to think about which features are important to you, and which ones ane not important to you. You can fill out all sections, or just a few.

There are links to camera reviews from this ´recommendations´ page, also.

There are also a couple (among many, I´m sure) of sites that have reviews of some cameras. Here is one [LINK]

Here is another [LINK]

I think it is extremely important to analyze what you really want to do with your new camera, the ease of use, how and when you are going to carry it around and shoot photos.

Hope this is helpful.
1 decade ago (25.01.2008 05:44)
Reply by: nadgerry
Thanks for all the help guys, will keep reading your reviews, will have to learn alot of terminology though as it is very complicated Photographer
1 decade ago (25.01.2008 06:14)
Reply by: radnor
Here is something else that may be important. Some cameras are powered by ´AA´ batteries. Some cameras have a proprietary battery (you can only use the battery provided by the manufacturer) with its own charger. The charger is plugged into the wall outlet to charge the battery.

If you are planning to buy a camera in one country, and use it in another country, you need to know if the proprietary battery charger will work properly in the other country´s electrical wall outlets.

Happy Good luck!

1 decade ago (25.01.2008 07:01)
Reply by: nadgerry
could someone explain the terminology used for reflex cameras etc so I know what is best??
1 decade ago (10.02.2008 11:48)
Reply by: ExoRz
reflex its the best!! Grin hehe Nikon D40x A w a r d A w a r d A w a r d wiiiii Grin
1 decade ago (12.02.2008 12:03)
Reply by: netwolf56
I just purchased an Olympus Evolt E-500 [LINK]
It´s still in transit so I cannot give first hand advice. What decided me over canon was the dual lens kit 14-40mm and 40-150mm. My price was 690.00, also with a 4gig memory card. Camera Labs has some very good reviews, including test shots and comparisons of different cameras.
I will give an update after I have used it a month or so...also you guys will no doubtedly see some of the pics first hand.
1 decade ago (16.02.2008 01:30)
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That sounds like a winner Dave. However, I do not ever see myself going to a D-SLR. And it has nothing to do with price. I could go out right now and drop the money on one. Its more of the bulky lenses and things that are just not my thing. I realize the quality is better, but I am quite happy with the images I get with the gear that I own. Even my Sony DSC-H9 is rather large and I have actually picked up a second, pocket-styled camera this week. Its the Panasonic DMC-FX33. It fits nicely in a shirt pocket, takes great photos (I will upload some soon) and it has a 28MM wide lens which is great for close quarters and panoramas. I have missed many of opportunity due to the lugging around of a case and attachments. This pocket one will be with me at all times. Happy shooting! Photographer
1 decade ago (26.05.2008 07:39)
Reply by: brett
If you are going the D-SLR route you won´t go wrong with Nikon or Canon. I have a Canon but Nikons are just as good. Just make sure that whatever Camera you buy try it out first as some cameras won´t "fit" you ie they won´t feel right in your hands.

By far the biggest drawback with D-SLRs as Fred said is their size and weight. If this is a concern there are some more compact models out there. Happy