Download count problem

clwoods / 1 decade ago (13 January 2008 06:11)

It would be exciting if my download count was really up to 350 on my Manor Shore wallpaper, but it was only at 77 about an hour ago and keeps jumping higher and higher in just minutes. Amazed

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1 decade ago (13.01.2008 06:25)
Reply by: Butch123
Hi Cindi, looks like it is being downloaded from outside link.. Happy
1 decade ago (13.01.2008 06:38)
Reply by: clwoods
Hi Donald. What exactly does that mean? An outside link? Happy
1 decade ago (13.01.2008 06:38)
Reply by: Richard Mohler
I noticed that on a few things too...
1 decade ago (13.01.2008 07:00)
Reply by: Butch123
Hi again Cindi, what it means is that somebody from another website likes it. So what they did was added a direct link to it here so that the people that visit their webiste are able to download it, but at the same time not pirating your work. so probably your download count is correct.... Happy
1 decade ago (13.01.2008 07:03)
Reply by: clwoods
Thanks Donald. That is a first for me. Not sure how I feel about it. Happy
1 decade ago (13.01.2008 07:08)
Reply by: Butch123
Well happy I guess, they seem to really like it and as I said they are not pirating it, because they are downloading it from here where you uploaded it. Same thing has happened to me a few times. I believe my last windowblind I made has something like about 80,000 downloads and I can guarantee you thats not from here. But anyways Cindi, not to worry abuot it, its not a rip in any way.... Happy
1 decade ago (13.01.2008 07:12)
Reply by: clwoods
Thanks Donald for the reassurance. I sure would like to know what site it is. I have never seen anything get downloaded this fast anywhere I ever went. I guess I will be happy about it! Thanks again! Booming love Happy Happy
1 decade ago (13.01.2008 07:14)
Reply by: Butch123
My Pleasure Cindi... Happy
1 decade ago (13.01.2008 09:08)
Reply by: contractartist
wish I had as many fans..! :p
1 decade ago (14.01.2008 07:58)
Reply by: sed
It has happened to me too NOW I know!! Cool