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SlaveofBetrayal / 1 decade ago (12 January 2008 11:02)

Since its a new year don't you think we need a new poll?

And if you think we need a new poll put down what you think the poll should be.

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1 decade ago (12.01.2008 11:12)
Reply by: nadgerry
I don´t get it..?? :what :what
1 decade ago (13.01.2008 12:22)
Reply by: SlaveofBetrayal
Sorry about that Gerry.

I meant should we have a new Skinbase Poll or not?

1 decade ago (13.01.2008 01:51)
Reply by: ExoRz
mhm, yeah, good idea, GrinGrin, this time.. not about pc or skinning... somthing else! A w a r d Congratulation Congratulation
1 decade ago (15.01.2008 11:17)
Reply by: netwolf56
Who´s the skinbase favorite for President? what about that poll? just a thought.
1 decade ago (15.01.2008 11:30)
Reply by: sed
Should Microsoft Blu be BANNED from desktops???? clap clap clap
1 decade ago (16.01.2008 09:19)
Reply by: adni18
If you have any cool idea about a new poll please write it here and it will be up Wink
1 decade ago (17.01.2008 05:09)
Reply by: wary109
*-*.. I thing ....what is your work?
1 decade ago (17.01.2008 05:12)
Reply by: wary109
*-*..Where you go all day?
1 decade ago (17.01.2008 05:12)
Reply by: wary109
Better still anything*-*.
1 decade ago (18.01.2008 08:32)
Reply by: contractartist
How about a "give us your ideas" for a new poll. Mine would be a skinbase arcade. And add E107 themes to the skin catgorys.
1 decade ago (18.01.2008 08:43)
Reply by: kchristine
How about something fun this time. One of the best polls you did Nikos was about your favorite color. Sometimes polls are just tooooooooooooooooooo serious. Booming love
1 decade ago (18.01.2008 11:10)
Reply by: ExoRz
yay, Sally.. mhm, have some funny... mhm "What food is ai8", or something... not Only about pc and stuff like that.. kind´a boring... A w a r d
1 decade ago (19.01.2008 12:07)
Reply by: adni18
New poll online, wary109´s idea, thanks Happy

You are right Sally, can give us some good and funny idea? Wink
1 decade ago (19.01.2008 12:26)
Reply by: kchristine
Nikos, I think my quote on the staff page works very well here: You want me to do WHAT? I have no sense of humor. I am a boring person. BUT I´ll do what I can. Where is that Serge when I need him? OK give me a few days.
1 decade ago (19.01.2008 11:49)
Reply by: adni18
You have GREAT sense of humor Sally and you are not a boring person, in contrary you are very interesting person! Waiting Wink
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