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ExoRz / 1 decade ago (09 January 2008 09:21)


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1 decade ago (09.01.2008 10:29)
Reply by: kchristine
Nice camera. Is that what you are wishing for? Booming love
1 decade ago (09.01.2008 10:42)
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Great choice. It was on my list on contenders. Great camera for the price. I do not think howver that I will ever jump to the DSLR market. All of my photos have been achieved with a regular camera, nothing spectacular. I have been happy with my results. Its a balance of use and cost for me. I decided on a Sony megazoom model because it has powerful optics, amazing focus speed, and all the manual controls. To acheive the focal length that I have with this Nikon, I would have to add an expensive lens. Too much to carry around for me. Plus, these days I find myself slowing down a bit. So, my Sony was the best value all around. Its great for what I do. If I made money with my work (and this is the ONLY way I would buy a DSLR) then it would be different. The fact is that I do not. I shoot and share. Thats it.

But by all means Kenneth - this is only my take on things. This is a fine Nikon camera, and it achieves great images. I believe mikelly owns one. And you can see by his work how fine a camera it is. Happy Good luck if you do buy one!
1 decade ago (09.01.2008 10:49)
Reply by: ExoRz
I have it Sally, GrinGrin Grin

thanks FredGrin
1 decade ago (09.01.2008 11:06)
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Oh... you own one! I see... well, your images do show a marked improvement. I believe its prt camera, but more shooter. Photographer Wink
1 decade ago (10.01.2008 12:01)
Reply by: kchristine
Well, Kenneth, get busy and take some pictures! Booming love
1 decade ago (10.01.2008 05:36)
Reply by: ExoRz
Im on it..Wink Cool
1 decade ago (10.01.2008 07:13)
Reply by: mikelly
Great camera Kenneth,I got mine last spring and have been very happy with it Happy
1 decade ago (10.01.2008 01:54)
Reply by: Alperium
Nice camera, I use DSLR too. (Nikon D80 + Nikkor 80-200/2.8D ED + SB600)
1 decade ago (10.01.2008 02:03)
Reply by: Alperium
My friend from Moscow has Nikon D3.Absolutely super camera, but price...............
1 decade ago (10.01.2008 05:40)
Reply by: ExoRz
hehe Grin Great, now i know im not a fool GrinGrin hihi
nah, i got mine very cheap ^^,) 3500 NOK mhm and in $ i dont know Grin Grin hehe Smile
1 decade ago (10.01.2008 06:08)
Reply by: Alfa30
I use a Nikon too...Coolpix 5700...Good camera...Grin
But the D40 is the best... Booming love
1 decade ago (10.01.2008 06:31)
Reply by: ExoRz
Grin i have D40x GrinGrin wiiii
1 decade ago (10.01.2008 07:57)
Reply by: Alperium
Nikon D40x - it´s best choice for beginner. A w a r d
I love Booming love Nikon only, not Canon....
When you will be more skilled - you will think about D80 or D300 and maybe D3.....
But, in begin - D40x...
And now you must think about lens.
Lens more important than body.
Buy expensive Lens....Body for 1-3 years, but Lens forever.....Amen!!! Photographer Photographer Photographer
1 decade ago (10.01.2008 08:00)
Reply by: ExoRz
i have lense Wink ! hehe and i have 3 years of "repare?" GrinGrin
1 decade ago (10.01.2008 08:01)
Reply by: ExoRz
ahh, im only a digital camera user.. this is hard...dont get the zoom thing ^^,) hehe :p
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