Aston2 menu skins section

krstatzar / 1 decade ago (18 December 2007 11:47)

I am kind of used to uploading my work here. Gladiators Software released Aston2 Menu so would be nice to have a skin section for it. What do ya say?

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1 decade ago (18.12.2007 02:10)
Reply by: adni18
Of course dear krstatzar, I will add a section right now!

Happy Holidays Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays
1 decade ago (18.12.2007 02:17)
Reply by: adni18
The new category is online under the name of "Aston2".
Good uploads! Happy
1 decade ago (18.12.2007 08:10)
Reply by: krstatzar
Oh huge thanks Nikos for a fast response clap
1 decade ago (18.12.2007 08:12)
Reply by: krstatzar
A bit messy page [LINK]
but OK I am happy Happy
1 decade ago (19.12.2007 12:13)
Reply by: adni18
Fixed Wink