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Alfa30 / 1 decade ago (16 December 2007 10:45)

Hi everyone!
and please excuse my poor English

I see that some people menbres reissue some of their creations... Would they be in courtyard of inspiration?Sleepy
I notice that this site, (that I like very much and which holds me in heart) lose little by little of his creative vigour...Sad
Why there is no more competition (noel's competition for instance) I think that is needed to interest the members...
Dear members let us make an effort to revive Skinbase!

It is my umble opinion... Thanks to you all.Grin

lol Grin

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1 decade ago (16.12.2007 10:47)
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Well, if you are speaking if mine Bruno - I made it quite clear on a post titled "Holiday Photo" and I listed why I was doing so. Wink Photographer
1 decade ago (16.12.2007 10:58)
Reply by: Alfa30
Good morning Fred!
This article contacts nobody particularly... it is a simple finding and I took the liberty of speaking about,it for the good of this site...
Without rancor...
1 decade ago (16.12.2007 11:01)
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I see Bruno. I see your point. I do have a few new ones that I will post for this year´s Christmas as well. I was mainly thinking of new members when I uploaded my last one. Merry Christmas my friend. Happy Photographer
1 decade ago (16.12.2007 11:22)
Reply by: Alfa30
Merry christmas my friend! Happy Holidays
Merry christmas to all!!! Happy Holidays
1 decade ago (16.12.2007 02:45)
Reply by: adni18
You are right Bruno, thank you very much for your interest!
We need some fresh ideas and I am sure we will find some Wink

Happy Holidays Happy Holidays Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays Happy Holidays
1 decade ago (16.12.2007 03:31)
Reply by: kchristine
I don´t know about anybody else, but Christmas kind of snuck up on me this year. My thoughts just didn´t turn toward a Christmas competition and they should have. My apologies Bruno! I agree with Nikos, it is nice and important when members suggest new ideas to get the blood pumping and our creative juices flowing. Booming love
1 decade ago (16.12.2007 10:24)
Reply by: SlaveofBetrayal
alright! I´m in for sure! good job~ Happy
1 decade ago (22.12.2007 01:05)
Reply by: wary109
that is a great idea in realy *-*..
1 decade ago (25.12.2007 01:08)
Reply by: nadgerry
I had a new arrival, therefore much less time than before which is why I have recently started to upload it christmas already?? Amazed Amazed Amazed Fun Fun
1 decade ago (25.12.2007 11:41)
Reply by: ExoRz
Yapp! clap Happy Holidays Happy Holidays clap
1 decade ago (06.04.2010 01:31)
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