/ 1 decade ago (03 December 2007 11:06)

Hello. I tried to upload a photo. I clicked on photography as I always do, but then there is no drop down menu to choose the category from there. So, I cannot upload the image.

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1 decade ago (22.07.2009 12:14)
Reply by: adni18
Please re-upload your works in these sizes or upload them in other categories where size doesn´t matter... Wink
1 decade ago (22.07.2009 12:23)
Reply by: Hellzoid
Thanks for the help!
1 decade ago (22.07.2009 12:40)
Reply by: Hellzoid
ok i uploaded it at 1024x768 for wallpaper (dark)
1 decade ago (22.07.2009 01:24)
Reply by: adni18
cool! Wink
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