Lens hoods

mickeblue / 1 decade ago (03 November 2007 11:30)

Nice little thing here... download a lens hood template and print them out as long as the card and ink holds out LOL http://www.lenshoods.co.uk/

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1 decade ago (03.11.2007 11:45)
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Very cool and thoughtful idea Mick. My camera has one and there is a major flaw, if I use it and am panned all the way out for a shot, I see parts of the hood in all four corners of the image! A major oversight by Sony on that. I may give this a try, though I do not see a Sony version. I do not own a D-SLR, my camera is a "Magazoom" model with manual control. Just right for my needs and budget.

Thanks again for this link. Interesting! Photographer clap