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Scarebear / 1 decade ago (29 January 2002 11:46)

If you have ever loved a Freeware application and never actually let the creator know, then send them an email. Let them know they are appreciated.

Feel free to leave comments here for your favourite application. The software creator may not ever see this page, but at least others can discover that an application is cool enough for you to comment on Happy

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1 decade ago (29.01.2002 11:51)
Reply by: Scarebear
Freeware I love and who´s creators I think are therefore cool Happy

Ashampoo Media Player+
IrfanView (not skinnable but it´s fantastic! Happy)

and my all time favourite - Sonique Grin

That´s a start :sb
1 decade ago (30.01.2002 12:38)
Reply by: integer
Whoa - were do i start?

All of em!
1 decade ago (30.01.2002 02:15)
Reply by: +0
Goetz´s file splitter

and EditPad Classic

While none of these are skinnable they are all great survival tools for those places where the sysadmin is a maniac.

For me ControlBar has been the most useful skinnable app. (that sysadmin killed all of the toolbars...not just the quicklaunch).

OH! and don´t let me forget FrontPage Express.
1 decade ago (30.01.2002 02:51)
Reply by: Koasati
SkinMem & BeatNik, 2 of my favorites in your list.......... I enjoy skinning EzPop & kewlpÄd, but don´t use them as much........
But my all_time personal favorite would have to be QuickChanger......a most excellant wallpaper changer, dudes (and dudettes) Wink

1 decade ago (30.01.2002 04:07)
Reply by: Elwin
Freeware apps I just couldn´t do without:

Skinmem (Thanks, gRAVE!)

1 decade ago (30.01.2002 04:09)
Reply by: BruB
KewlpÄd, colorpad, Cursearch! and Panekiller is the one I use the most and I actually did thank them at one time. But in general I use too much freebies for me to list them all here.
1 decade ago (06.02.2002 01:38)
Reply by: grimspoon
I must say that the most frequently used freeware on my box is LiteStep. However, you are correct Jason, we don´t get a chance to actually thank the creators and Dev teams. I am also talking about module creators that I never get the chance to thank and there are just way to many to mention. As a matter of fact, along with LiteStep core modules.. I use more LS freeware modules then all other skinning apps put together.
LS is self contained.. when I am running my ´larger´ themes, the only non LS skinning app I use is WB (EFX) because LS comes with modules that just about cover any task. There is even an ICQ plug for LS.. hehe. However, I do get to use, test and skin other freeware. 8)

And most frequently used non LS freeware app on my desktop is... ICQ+

1 decade ago (03.03.2003 11:19)
Reply by: chichigirl46
I thank them all the time...........

Here are some G R E A T links to check out!
I found my slot machine LOL, but they have a few more programs worth checking out The Fun Factory [LINK]

Media Horizon Freeware URL [LINK]

More Games URL [LINK]

Totally Freeware....You name it they got it [LINK]

1 decade ago (03.03.2003 11:51)
Reply by: PK
Well,. the problem with winsite is that it is unmoderated, so anyone can submit to it,... for example: It has Babya downloads... :| I go to for most of my software needs (although i dont need much..).
1 decade ago (03.03.2003 01:33)
Reply by: Jafo
LiteSTEP [of course]
Sysmetrix [naturally]

To name but two...Wink
1 decade ago (03.03.2003 06:29)
Reply by: Chickie
Yahoo mess.
EZpop. Happy
1 decade ago (03.03.2003 07:43)
Reply by: Travelian
Trillian(although i recently moved to pro and love it)
1 decade ago (04.03.2003 05:02)
Reply by: imtoomuch
Great reminder Scarebear! Freeware plays a big part in the skinning world and we really should thank the authors. If it is freeware I am thankful for it, even if I don´t use it! LiteStep and Winamp2 would be my two favorites. PK and Pogz make great freeware apps too!
So I would like to say THANK YOU PK and THANK YOU pogrelz! Happy
1 decade ago (04.03.2003 06:15)
Reply by: Doreen
Pocketblinds (well it´s free right now!) hehe
and ummm, I´m still thinking here...
1 decade ago (04.03.2003 08:12)
Reply by: Scarebear
I started this one almost 400 days ago Wink

You´d have to thank chichi for reviving the thread Happy
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