More Exciting Giveaways at Daz

clwoods / 1 decade ago (08 September 2007 07:45)

Another incredible release in the Daz family to let you know about!! They have made a PhotoShop Bridge that will connect Daz and Photoshop CS3 together. It enables us to move objects and figures three-dimensionally in Photoshop CS3 while observing the scene in real time in both DAZ Studio and Photoshop CS3 simultaneously! It doesn't even require a U3D Export. Even better, it's free!
And that's not all!!! They are also for a short time, giving away a $230 bundle of content called "3D Bridge Starter Pack" You will need to join Daz to get this bundle pak, but it is free.

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1 decade ago (08.09.2007 07:50)
Reply by: adni18
Great info, thanks Cindy! Congratulation
1 decade ago (08.09.2007 07:52)
Reply by: clwoods
My pleasure Nikos! Happy
1 decade ago (09.09.2007 04:00)
Reply by: sed
Mickieblue usually finds these THANKX Cindi clap
1 decade ago (09.09.2007 04:08)
Reply by: clwoods
You´re welcome sed. I have been known to post a couple of these myself. LOL I get the news in my email. Daz is a great company! Happy
1 decade ago (10.09.2007 03:59)
Reply by: sed
Cindi ...... This is really helpful to CERTAIN art folks... Please keep them comming when ya find themmmmmmmm!! CHING! clap
1 decade ago (10.09.2007 04:01)
Reply by: sed
LUV your little FLOWER!! Booming love
1 decade ago (10.09.2007 04:36)
Reply by: clwoods
You say the sweetest things sed! Booming love
1 decade ago (10.09.2007 05:31)
Reply by: adni18
Because he is very sweet Cindi Wink
1 decade ago (10.09.2007 11:35)
Reply by: sed
Getting STICKY!!! :o :o
1 decade ago (11.09.2007 02:39)
Reply by: clwoods
1 decade ago (16.09.2007 06:54)
Reply by: wary109
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wary109 is a man of few words... Grin
1 decade ago (16.09.2007 08:31)
Reply by: sed
*-* ... *-* Cool