The Xion Contest

SK Originals / 1 decade ago (04 September 2007 06:44) is proud to present our newest contest. In cooperation with Xion Audio Player and (it's author) Cliff Cawley we give you 'The Xion Contest'. Xion is possibly the easiest to skin and fastest growing skinable media player ever. Anyone who can make a PhotoShop file (there are programs that can create a .psd without the need for PhotoShop, including some free ones) can make a great looking player in no time with this amazing program.

The Rules.
* You must be a member of (joining is free with instant access).
* Each contestant can upload 2 skins maximum.
* The skin must contain all normal media player controls. These would include...
Play, Stop and Pause
Next and Previous Track
EQ and Playlist buttons
Volume control
Player can include more then these but the above are required.

* Skin must be uploaded to the 'Xion Contest' section at
* The skin must be "new" original (not uploaded to any other site)
* The skin can not be uploaded to another site until after the end of the contest.
* Uploading will take place anytime during the contest, from Sept. 4th to Sept. 24th

The judging will take place during the week after the upload deadline and a winner announced on Oct. 1st.

The Prizes
* 1st Place - $75 USD from and $75 from Xion - Totaling $150
* 2nd Place - $25 USD from and $25 from Xion - Totaling $50
Prize money from and Xion Audio Player will be paid out via PayPal or a money order if within the US, other arrangements will have to be made for outside the US if not paid through PayPal.

Be sure to get your skins ready and don't miss out on this contest.

You can check out the amazing Xion media player at Xion Home Page where you can download the program, read through a complete tutorial section and more. --
Xion --

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1 decade ago (05.09.2007 05:57)
Reply by: adni18
Very interesting! Congratulation
1 decade ago (06.09.2007 01:58)
Reply by: Captain America
Amazing information! clap
1 decade ago (06.09.2007 06:17)
Reply by: SK Originals
so does that mean we will see ya there? Grin bring those players and give someone a run for the cash
1 decade ago (14.09.2007 09:36)
Reply by: Travelian
My submission is up Happy

<--- Goes by Digimike now
1 decade ago (15.09.2007 02:06)
Reply by: preet_hipno
I am also going over there .. thanks for information Happy
1 decade ago (18.09.2007 07:20)
Reply by: preet_hipno
I have add one skin for this contest. Happy