Missing members features images since Aug 31 2007

etype2 / 1 decade ago (03 September 2007 01:44)

Since last Friday,the members features on first page randomly appear and disappear.

I log on to the site,the thumbnails are not there. I check a members image,come back to the main page and they appear. I check another image,come back to main page and they are gone again. This happens randomly since last Friday. Never saw this bug before. what you say?

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1 decade ago (03.09.2007 01:58)
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Are you using Safari Marshall? I noticed that too... with Firefox, the images are there but too large and they overlap. Nikos reported this was fixed but I guess there is more to it...
1 decade ago (03.09.2007 02:38)
Reply by: etype2
Fred,I know what you speak of,the overlapping. I have seen it. This is different. Page is perfectly aligned,just the random blank members features on front page,appearing and disappearing with page refresh. Happy
1 decade ago (03.09.2007 02:42)
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I think its the same thing... and different browsers are acting differently with the issue. I used Safari and saw no images, then opened Firefox and then they were there, all overlapped... Are you trying different browsers Marshall? Wink
1 decade ago (03.09.2007 02:52)
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I just tried IE... completely blank even after refresh. Back to Firefox and they are overlapped. This is bizarre!! OhWell
1 decade ago (03.09.2007 03:06)
Reply by: etype2
Fred,Yes. Trying different browsers. You are right,they act differently. Since IE is reportedly used by more then 70% out there,want to send a alert of the problem. Smile
1 decade ago (03.09.2007 03:02)
Reply by: adni18
Yes, a temp problem, I guess Gregor fixed it, because now I see everything is back in order again! Happy
1 decade ago (03.09.2007 03:38)
Reply by: Captain America
IE 7 still shows nothing but the boxes are no rectangles! No image, just rectangles!
1 decade ago (03.09.2007 03:46)
Reply by: Captain America
I check a members image,come back to the main page and they appear. I check another image,come back to main page and they are gone again. This is with IE 7.
1 decade ago (03.09.2007 05:46)
Reply by: sed
LOL Dump 7 LOL
1 decade ago (03.09.2007 06:30)
Reply by: etype2
I would love to dump IE7 but text on Firefox looks very bad on my system. Also,over 70% of the world still use IE,so this site should address ALL users,not just Firefox users. Just my Two cents. Images still missing today. Happy
1 decade ago (03.09.2007 10:32)
Reply by: adni18
IE7 has no problem with thumbnails, everything look good now...
1 decade ago (04.09.2007 12:15)
Reply by: Captain America
I am having the same problem with IE7. They come and they go at random. Angry
1 decade ago (04.09.2007 02:31)
Reply by: Captain America
Oh well, .....
1 decade ago (04.09.2007 03:41)
Reply by: etype2
Nikos,It is still a problem as I type this. I can send you a Screen shot. Happy clap
1 decade ago (04.09.2007 08:24)
Reply by: adni18
You are right Marshall and Tommy, now I see it... I hope Gregor will correct it soon Sad
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