The New Daz Studio Version....Don´t miss it!

clwoods / 1 decade ago (02 August 2007 06:14)

I have been using Daz Studio for about 3 years now. I have thoroughly enjoyed it, or better yet, thought I was until I got the latest version update yesterday. All I can say is WOW! The improvements and speed increase is awesome. It is like a whole new world and I am once again excited about using it.
The new features are endless and we now have a choice over the display formats as well as many new shortcuts and new options. You just have to get it to see what I mean.
Remember it is free and until the end of the month you can also get the 3D starter pack free which is a $29.95 value.
You will have to join Daz Studios web site, but that too is free!
So go get yourself a copy of this fantastic 3D program and show everyone what you can do with it!
Starter Pack
Daz Studio Program

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1 decade ago (03.08.2007 02:16)
Reply by: clwoods
I use several progs, sed. PSP, Photoshop, Poser, Daz, Vue and Bryce. I actually have several styles!! LOL Booming love Happy

You won´t be sorry, Tommy! Booming love Happy
1 decade ago (03.08.2007 02:08)
Reply by: Captain America
Thanks CindiBooming love I´ll give it a check out!
1 decade ago (03.08.2007 01:28)
Reply by: sed
Cindi... Just poser?? Certain strokes for certain folks! I hope EVERYONE TAKES NOTICE! :o :o :o Its your style? THEN USE IT! Cool
1 decade ago (02.08.2007 06:17)
Reply by: clwoods
For some reason the link to the free starter pack isn´t working so here it is again.