Skinner´s World RSS Reader Screen Saver

jimbo9294 / 1 decade ago (21 July 2007 03:37)

Hi All,
The Skinner’s World RSS Reader Screen Saver will be done soon.
The reader will feature four of my favorite sites.,,, and, with the RSS feeds from each site. The logos switch with each other using various transitions.
It had been an ongoing project in the WIP section.
The SDN admin have been very encouraging to follow through with this project. Later this year Axialis will be coming out with Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer 4.0 in which it will be able to read various other feeds including RSS 1.0 and I hope... podcast feeds. In addition, the feed display will be customizable.
There will be an update, to the screen saver, in late November. If there are other sites, you would like to see added to the reader, let me know. Although, You will be able to change, add, or delete RSS feeds to get the news you want.
By the way, all suggestions and comments are welcome.
I would like to thank in advance the following great people for the help, ideas, permissions, and encouragement.
SK Originals, WOM, Hankers, My Secret, adni18, Jafo, Bones2112, Po Smedley, and dragonmage.

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1 decade ago (05.08.2007 02:23)
Reply by: jimbo9294
Thanks Sed. Happy
1 decade ago (03.08.2007 10:28)
Reply by: sed
Noticed alot of recognition at win C... Nice job Jimmmmbboo Wink