What happened..?

ALAS (Der) / 1 decade ago (27 June 2007 10:51)

since a few days I saw there are 2 sections for Xion. One with the artwork until today and the wrong description (.."Xion is a shell replacement..") and one with two newer artworks.
Is this just a temporary state before merging them? I hope so!

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1 decade ago (28.06.2007 09:50)
Reply by: adni18
We better close this topic, too much have been said all ready, we should be kind with friendly behavior in Skinbase, otherwise we may loose the title of "The most friendly site in the skinning community... Wink
1 decade ago (27.06.2007 11:29)
Reply by: ALAS (Der)
mickeblue think you better do what you told me to do. Seems you´re not one of the well informed, intelligent individuals here! Otherwise you would have noticed that my post is not promotion for Xion but a contribution to make this site unambiguous (am not shure if you know that word). And I´m not interested in what other people posted here. Btw looking at the pic of your profile you really need a BIG p to survive...
that´s all I want to say when I read something inappropriate like your reply
1 decade ago (27.06.2007 03:11)
Reply by: adni18
One section for "Xion" is old and it is "shell replacement" and the other is a new Audio Player...
Both had the same name "xiOn" and "Xion".
I just renamed them to " Xion [Audio Player ]" and " xiOn [windows shell replacement ]"
1 decade ago (27.06.2007 06:35)
Reply by: contractartist
A visiter wanting to join skinbase would read this "a vibrant skinning community that is often ready to help and assist." But find stuff like this "

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27.06.2007 @ 10:53:05 :: Received 1 hour(s) and 39 minute(s) ago
Here we go again... Since this pillock started putting Xion on the Base we´ve had ´Look how marvellous Xion is´... ´Xion is the only player to use´... ´My skins are better than everyone else´s´....
There was even a dubious bit of nonsense where someone in Australia was coerced into trying to bump up the figures.....

Oih! twatface.... make it free and then some people will start paying attention, otherwise do the rest of us a favour and f*off ( can I say that Nikos? ) I well I did... Hell that guy irritates me!! I bet he has a really small p***s. " I sujest a change of heart mikeblue!

1 decade ago (27.06.2007 04:53)
Reply by: mickeblue
Here we go again... that was all a bit rude of me... I think I was s***faced when I wrote that :-( :opps