57 minus 49

sed / 1 decade ago (15 June 2007 05:45)

My art teacher tryed to explain this idea to her students.... NOW, I think I understand. Only took me 30 yrs! Your brain is divided in 2. One side is your creative and the other your science. IF.... You can answer the 57 minus 49 Question in less than 3 secs??? Your creative side is too SMALL!! Grin Grin

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1 decade ago (20.06.2007 03:43)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
mhm xD lol lol
1 decade ago (26.06.2007 04:04)
Reply by: sed
I ... mhm also?? xD?? clap
1 decade ago (26.06.2007 04:52)
Reply by: mickeblue
So ´cos I know it´s 2793 I don´t know the right end of a paintbrush... Jeez I hope she was good looking. LOL
1 decade ago (26.06.2007 02:34)
Reply by: Captain America
I like the ´77´ personally Amazed Cool Wink
1 decade ago (15.06.2007 07:40)
Reply by: etype2
I´m scratching my head... Fun
1 decade ago (15.06.2007 09:40)
Reply by:
Well, I was always great in math... so I guess I am not that creative... :-) Interesting stuff, Sed! Grin
1 decade ago (15.06.2007 11:25)
Reply by: sed
Just a game U two... Marshall came from my same galaxy and PHOTO-PEOPLE?... EARTH!!! Love ya both Booming love
1 decade ago (17.06.2007 04:42)
Reply by: sed
Yesterday I had a Bead designer... Took her calculator out!! clap
1 decade ago (17.06.2007 04:51)
Reply by:
That would make sense! Hmmm... I get it right away... Grin