Bug in new SkinBase? Please report here

adni18 / 1 decade ago (13 June 2007 10:50)

Thank you Happy

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1 decade ago (15.07.2007 03:50)
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Here is a doosy for ya... I tried sending Jadoo a PM and it went to MY inbox here! I sent it through their profile and it went to me. Amazed
1 decade ago (17.06.2007 05:06)
Reply by: adni18
hehehe, OK my friend sed Happy
1 decade ago (17.06.2007 11:10)
Reply by: etype2
Might be a bug,not sure. Popular Skins table not showing new uploads. Happy
1 decade ago (17.06.2007 11:14)
Reply by: etype2
....it shows in the drop down when I click on " More " but not on the main page table as before. Happy
1 decade ago (17.06.2007 11:45)
Reply by: adni18
We should check this Marshall Happy
1 decade ago (18.06.2007 09:25)
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I don´t think it´s a bug but i don´t know where to post my question...how do i change the picture on my profile???Apparently there´s no option for that in the new SB,thanx in advance Happy
1 decade ago (14.08.2007 10:32)
Reply by: Fabio Longo
When I click on section "8start launcher skins" of a skin, open this link
[LINK] that correspond at "xiOn [windows shell replacement]"... what you say?
1 decade ago (14.08.2007 10:58)
Reply by: Fabio Longo
I go in gallery browse section; the report say that there are 11 xiOn [windows shell replacement]
but when I open it I see none.
P.S.: 8start launcher skins in browse section is OK! Happy
1 decade ago (15.07.2007 06:16)
Reply by: adni18
When Gregor returns from his vacation we will check this problem, which never happen to me...
1 decade ago (18.06.2007 03:23)
Reply by: ernieleo
Nice work, haven´t seen any problems, the only thing I´ve notice is the Other Uploads panel doesn´t show unless your logged in, maybe its by design, but it would be nice if it did show either way clap cheers Beer Beer
1 decade ago (18.06.2007 04:05)
Reply by: adni18
Thanks Sara and ernieleo, we will fix these problems too Happy
1 decade ago (13.07.2007 12:29)
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Thanks fjnunes712! You may have noticed that I´ve just uploaded 2 skins, took me a while to figure out that category thing (call me slow). Haven´t been here for a while been posting a wincustomize mostly - like the new look!
1 decade ago (12.07.2007 12:10)
Reply by: adni18
Thanks for the explanation Fred Happy
1 decade ago (12.07.2007 12:14)
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No problem.. glad to lend a hand! That arrow is to the right of the word skins, not left like I said above... I am on vacation and I am not awake yet... Wink
1 decade ago (12.07.2007 11:59)
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I think I know what 2 of 3 means... You need to click on the down arrow next to "skins" (on the left) and then the drop down list appears. If you are double clicking on the word "category" nothing is going to happen. That is what I was doing at first.. I hope that helps! Happy
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