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mickeblue / 1 decade ago (28 May 2007 10:01)

For some reason my copy of CDtoMP3 suddenly decided that I didn't have any removable disk drives, leaviing me with a few options one of which is to use WMP to copy to WMA which means I then needed to convert from that format to MP3 ( still with me on this? LOL ). I could use Nero Wave Editor but it's a bit slow so after a bit of a root around I found this site with some nice little apps.

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1 decade ago (30.05.2007 06:14)
Reply by: contractartist
Or you could have gone into the WMP options and set the default ripping format to MP3 in the first place!
1 decade ago (02.06.2007 11:51)
Reply by: mickeblue
Not with WMP9 you can´t, and WMP11 is so bloated I wouldn´t give it houseroom
1 decade ago (08.06.2007 06:27)
Reply by: wary109