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Well, after too much words and writing about the subject, I would like to share with all photographers here at SB, my final thoughts about all the hype behind photo software. I think that the days of Photoshop are ending as THE software choice for photographers. No, do not get me wrong, I also use it but only at the end of my photo development process and when needed -as two important plug ins for my work are attached to Photoshop: Noiseware and PtlLens . Photoshop is a great graphics software but as a photo dedicated software its kind of confusing and not as straighforward as it should be. Photographers - pros and non pros ( I am becoming a semi-pro as I am start selling and exhibit my own works ) do need some basics to get the job done, being that the basics now...are not as basics as we would like...but digital photography is not that simple as well. However, at the end and in my own experience, I can have a much faster workflow - non automated, I do not like photo enhancements/corrections automated in software - using Photoshop Lightroom or Nikon Capture NX. These two are considered by me - and believe me I have worked a lot with it and have experimented also other ones as DxO Optics Pro, Bibble Pro, Lighzone, to name a few - but as I was saying, these two do represent the best investment any serious photographer - amateur ( they are very easy to use ) or pro's ( they do have a fast and objective workflow ) can make. This is a personal opinion. Photography is a very simple art and should be treated with simplicity. Digital photography has too much involved in it - although we should keep it simple - and these two applications do take us to concentrate in what's important about making photography after we captured an image with our cameras. And even they do have features very well "written", in what noise and lens correction are concerned ( the plugins I use with Photoshop ).What is good for me, probably is no good to others but...these two applications do make my photographic life much easier. ( Nikon capture NX is not only intended for Nikon owners ) .

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