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Hi guys and gals, not been here for a while but I do not forget my fellowmates. Well in wich colour space do you work when making photography? As my Nikoletta has two colour spaces to work with - sRGB and AdobeRGB - and Photoshop Lightroom and CS2 also have ProPhoto RGB colour space, I started since February working on ProphotoRGB. However, I wanted to know much more about my decision and at the end it was a wise one. So please and if you are interested, go to the following link , read and learn. Stay well.Cheers Photographer Running

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A further note on this matter: Prophoto RGB is valid when working with 16bits uncompressed or lossly compressed images - raw´s and Tiffs - as in jpegs, as the "info" is compressed and available at 8bits, the whole available information of the "camera colour space" - a camera colour space is even bigger than AdobeRGB and a little big wider than Prophoto RGB - that hits the sensor is already compressed and "clipped" thus loosing forever valuable colour information.Over and out Photographer
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You are probbly asking why I am so concerned with colours,if 99% of my work is BW? Well, just because the more and bigger the colour info is, ( do not forget that I shoot in raw, which means an unprocessed image right out of the camera )- more gradations from black to white I can obtain. That´s why... Photographer Happy Running
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I think I will read that AGAIN!! lol