Adding info on your photos in the comments box.

brett / 1 decade ago (23 April 2007 08:47)

I find it really useful when people add all their camera settings in the comments box as well as comments like natural light fill flash etc.

Anyone else agree?

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1 decade ago (23.04.2007 10:24)
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I do agree Brett... I know my info (though not posted) should be on the exif file. But perhaps I will make that effort going forward... Photographer
1 decade ago (23.04.2007 10:46)
Reply by: sed
Especially in phography.... BUT..... Also in ART lol What size is in the file... or sizes. A small hello is also better than nothing!!! Cool
1 decade ago (23.04.2007 11:03)
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I am a fierce defensor of that. When not having any info, at least the exif file should be intact...( Opera browser - the one I use - does read the exif file directly, with the right click of the mouse, after the original image uploaded is fully opened). Happy Photographer
1 decade ago (24.04.2007 11:16)
Reply by: brett
My RAW converter seems to lose most of the exif data when it converts to TIF.