What is a perfect photo ? There is no perfect photo? Why Photographer

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Because of the thread Kenneth started - How do I take perfect photos - and being that I believe there are thousands and thousands of perfect photos, I would like to have your opinions about this thread tittle. May be I am wrong on my judgment. Photographer

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You and I have a different interpretation of what perfect is... and what it means. And when it should be used. There are several definitions but the one that I have pulled is "entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings"

Even if the above criteria stands, isnĀ“t it ultimately an opinion to call a photo (or anything for that matter) perfect? I guarantee that any photo can have something found that is wrong with it. Due to the simple fact that we all have different tastes. What is a great subject matter to shoot for some is NOT to others. Does that make it perfect? Does it make the one who says its great subject matter perfect? Whats perfect to one is not to another. Its a subjective matter. Its NOT cut and dry. I try to avoid using it. I prefer using "Great, outstanding, or beautiful"... more suitable words than perfect. BUT... that is my opinion. We should try to achieve the best results as we can... but perfect?? I like to think that photography is a work in progress... always improving as we go. The concept of perfect to me does not fit with that belief.

Let me say again. There are lots of great photos, beautiful photos, outstanding photos... perfect? Well, again - thats your choice to use that word. I choose not to.

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Ok Fred, as per your approach I would rephrase my question? "What is a bad photo ? There is no bad photos ? ". Again...you can tell that for someone X photo is a bad one and for another the same photo is not bad. So..... Photographer Happy Running
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i Think ALL photos is great, but they must be taken of a Pro or a amature, but also must be nice (sunset, flowers, buidings, stuff like that) agel of the picture, im a noob in that , but i try my best. so i train and train to be better^^ Happy Happy

Aslo in my english ^^,)
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I guess in the end we can call something anything that we feel. I hold the word and concept of "perfect" to a different level than you do my friend. Thats all. No better, no worse... just different.

I talked this over with two other photographers and without hesitation, they agreed with me. One said quite frankly "For a photo to be perfect, everybody in the world would have to say so" Now, we know that is not going to happen. There is a HUGE difference between the words "Great"or "excellent" and the word "Perfect" Two entirely different dimensions.

If a see some beautiful apples in a store that are red, the only word that holds true to describe them is RED. Another would be a word to describe their shape. If I bite into one and call it delicious, that is my opinion. If I say that the arrangement of apples are "perfect" it does not make it so. These are opinions. Its easy to intertwine the two things - that which is law and that which is opinion. I guess I believe the word and concept of "perfect" is one of law... and not opinion.

That is why in my logical mind there is no perfect photo. Just like there is no perfect car, no perfect camera... because how we feel about these things ultimately revolves around opinion, not law. You want to say there are thousands of perfect photos that is fine... but it is an opinion. Its not law. It does not make it so.

I guess what I say here does not make so either. Its an interesting discussion certainly open to diverse opinions. Reminds me in a way of what came first, the chicken or the egg...

Have a great day.
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Fred....although I am a passionate for perfection and in photography I tend to do the things in the right way - and here the technical issue comes up - at the end when admiring any photograph from anybody - as photography for me is something which is far more intimate and personal than mere technique - sometimes the perfection is what the photograph do tell us. Its a question of senses, perception, being completely overwhelmed with a capture. Its weird to listen this from my mouth but is the way I feel photography: what an image can tell me. Of course that if an image can tell me a lot of things and in terms of technical quality is a good one, it has more chances to be classified by myself as a perfect capture. For me....its all about emotions....no better, no different, no more perfect or imperfect...just emotions. And I can tell you my friend that upon this way of classification, I have already seen many "perfect" captures. Photographer Happy Running
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OK Artur... I guess you can say then that Perfection, like beauty... is in the eyes of the beholder. Photographer

Be well my friend. I was hoping more members would chime in but this has turned into a two way discussion. So, I bid this post farewell. Running Running Running Running Running Running Running