How do i take

DjDomiNatorX / 1 decade ago (14 April 2007 10:54)

Hello, How do i take the perfect photo, nature, city, like that....i hope i will take better photos !!! hehe Happy Happy

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1 decade ago (14.04.2007 11:18)
Reply by: FoxyNellie
I don´t believe the perfect photo has been taken yet... otherwise no one would be trying to take pictures anymore. Fun First of all, you need an eye for the unusal. Happy
Second, you must watch lighting and shadows.
And third, I´m getting kicked off the computer. Sad
1 decade ago (15.04.2007 12:27)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
oki, tnx for the 2 ´s-... eye for the unusal <- my gf say i have that.. ehh^^ :p :p
1 decade ago (15.04.2007 01:14)
Reply by: mickeblue
look, think, then look and think again before you shoot... then do it 1000 times over... and I bet it still never happens.

Nellie is right, if you could ask Man Ray what his best shot was he would say something like ´the next picture I take´... perfection doesn´t manifest itself, it is merely an ideal.

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1 decade ago (15.04.2007 05:42)
Reply by: Jamaunzie
Remember to train your eye to see what the lens see´s and not what you see Your brain and eye zero in on something and tend to shut the rest of everything out but the lens see and shows all. that is why so many Photos are not as you seem to remember.
1 decade ago (15.04.2007 09:02)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
Tnx for comments^^ Happy Happy
1 decade ago (17.04.2007 10:05)
Reply by: depends. Perfect photo...what is a perfect photo? This can be seen in two ways: the technical side of it - where there are perfect captures - and the non-technical side of it - let´s call it the personal side or emotional side of it - where a photo can be perfect for it´s creator, the photographer. So I disagree with Nellie and with Micke, totally.The difiicult task is to merge the two. The emotional side of it can sometimes and only be understood by the photographer, thus many people do not find any real interest in a particular shot. However, if the photographer does is with some tecnical expertise, where at the end the produced work is eyecatching, then it is more on the side of the viewer to classify the capture as being a good one or not. Sometimes I see great, perfect shots " technically" from many photographers that do not catch my attention but where I can "read" that technically is super, and sometimes I see captures that do have a great imagination involved in it but technically are not super. So, how to separate these two approaches? Well...this is the difficult side of it for the viewer.. and for the photographer to merge these two parametres: great imagination and good technical knowledge. The problem here is that let´s say...70% of the people that do appreciate photography do not have a clue about technique and how things should be done. At the´s a question of...trial and error. Do take your camera always with you - you´ll never know when you can "see" a good capture - and make no mistake: the "capture" is made in your brain, not in the camera - here I disagree with Rick - as the camera is the "mean" to achieve a certain target. It is like painting: your mind and senses do give the brushes the motion to paint...because the painter does know exactly what he/she wants in general terms, prior to start to paint a work. That´s exactly what happens with a camera: it´s a mean to achieve a goal. After you have your mind, eye and YOUR technique well trained then, your natural style will emerge and your "signature" will be more and more evident in your works.Stay well. Photographer Happy
1 decade ago (17.04.2007 10:15)
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Also, 3 advices: first, never try to imitate others styles, as you´ll, never be able to do that ( a personal style in photography does involve and immensitude of parametres, years of personal training and some of them are " naturally " hidden" ) and will lead you to frustration; you can be inspired by others works, but no use to try to imitate; second, do try to be consistent on your work and ask yourself: what do I want do transmit to others thorugh my photography ? And the last one: not everybody is borned to be a photographer, so do think if you can or are able to EXPRESS yourself through phtoography. Photographer
1 decade ago (17.04.2007 11:03)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
Tnx so much Artur. A w a r d A w a r d A w a r d
1 decade ago (18.04.2007 02:31)
Reply by: contractartist
And remember if your using a digital camera cell phone cameras have sorry quality, and use a camera with more than 1.3 megapixels, and read the manual. And if you don´t have one reserch for one that will suit your needs.
1 decade ago (18.04.2007 08:29)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
i have 10 megap, digital camera and a 2 megap cellphone^^ Happy Happy
1 decade ago (19.04.2007 10:57)
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There is NO perfect photo... practice... practice... and practice again. Good luck...

1 decade ago (19.04.2007 11:32)
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Sorry Fred...but there are thousands and thousands of perfect photos...but will put this on a new thread. Happy