Error loading visual styles

elviswjr / 1 decade ago (04 March 2007 08:19)

I downloaded a patcher and a visual style and now when I try to load it or the xp visual styles it gives an error saying "The visual styles could not load because the file failed to load" and if I select one anyway and hit apply it gives another error with the rundll32 file saying something about run dll as an app.

I can't live without visual styles on my computer!! Someone please help!!!

(I wish they had a crying smiley on here)

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1 decade ago (04.03.2007 05:05)
Reply by: mickeblue
Cry They do!

I can´t read that properly because the loop of the G is in the way. You downloaded what? A patch??
How are you trying to load it? with the display properties menu , or with a 3rd party app?

The rundll thing can be a nightmare... try reading ~ [LINK] ~ but try everything else before you go down this path.
1 decade ago (05.03.2007 09:04)
Reply by: elviswjr
That didn´t help me at all dude. Maybe I need to make it more clear. I installed a msstyles visual style and then I downloaded a uxtheme.dll patcher and pathed the file. When I restarted and tried to load a visual style it came up with the errors listed on my other post. I even contacted microsoft and ibm (my computer´s manufacturer) and they didn´t know what to do. The only thing I know to do is try a repair of my OS or reinstall XP. Someone PLEASE help Sad I dont want to have to reinstall windows just because of a visual error.

BTW mickeblue, your link just went to the message board page.
1 decade ago (05.03.2007 10:45)
Reply by: mickeblue
Depends what patch you used. If you used one of the multi patchers you can usually just run it again and reboot to "unpatch it"... try going back to the site you downloaded from and look for any FAQ´s.

This was the link ~ [LINK]
1 decade ago (06.03.2007 05:03)
Reply by: elviswjr
I fixed it! By myself!! No one could help so I found the problem myself. So far, I think I have had the only case of this error but just incase, here is the cause and solution.

This may also apply to other people´s PCs.
Note: This problem occured on an IBM Thinkpad 600 running Windows XP Home.

Problem: Uxtheme.dll multi-patcher didn´t work and caused an error when trying to load visual styles. Didn´t allow any styles to work therefore everything looked like Windows 98. Unpatching didn´t work either.

Solution: In order to still be able to use 3rd party skins, I had to manualy patch uxtheme.dll by downloading a version from the net and replacing it with replacer. Then I rebooted and all styles worked again, error free.

1 decade ago (12.01.2010 07:44)
Reply by: jhonsmith
Hello, everyone.A friend of mine turned on her computer this morning and the visual style that she has been using was gone, replaced with a "classic" theme of the same colors.f I access the display control panel by right-clicking the desktop, I receive the following error in a dialogue box, [url=[LINK]]mcitp certification[/url] - Ergonoic.Theme´ is not a valid theme." The theme has worked perfectly for some time.When I try to select XP´s default Luna theme from within Display, I get the error dialogue box, "The theme could not load because one of the needed theme files could not be found. This can happen with themes that are not installed or authored correctly. You should verify that the wallpaper, screen saver, icons, sounds, and other files are in the correct location. Theme: [url=[LINK]]mcse questions[/url]."Nothing has changed since she shut down and powered off her computer last night. The problems started as soon as she booted her computer this morning.I have never encountered this error before and have no idea how to remedy the problem.By the way, she is using [url=[LINK]]mcitp[/url] the free UXTheme Multi-Patcher (version 5.0), and I know several people who use this program and have never had any problems with it. (It allows Windows XP to accept themes that are not signed by modifying ´uxtheme.dll´.