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/ 1 decade ago (03 February 2007 04:43)

I know, it has been up on the board several times. But can you please fix this script bug on Alfa's download button??
Pushing that button gives not only me, but a lot of others this message:


You don't have permission to access /files/archive/skins/390/ on this server.


Apache/2.0.54 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/4.4.4 Server at Port 80

I know, I know go to zoom and rightclick....But what about the download counts mate?

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1 decade ago (03.02.2007 11:37)
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I know exactly what you mean Jacob. I have been zooming those and right clicking and "save as" that way.... I´m not sure if I get the full quality version or not... but yea - I have not been able to download any of Bruno´s work the conventional way. OhWell
1 decade ago (03.02.2007 11:49)
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Ah... I see that point you make about download counts...
1 decade ago (03.02.2007 07:57)
Reply by: adni18
I guess that Alfa is uploading just what you can see in the preview, the preview and the download is the same, that´s why the download doesn´t work, not 100% sure though Wink
1 decade ago (04.02.2007 12:40)
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Can it be fixed though ??
1 decade ago (04.02.2007 12:54)
Reply by: adni18
Yes, it should be fixed for sure Wink
1 decade ago (04.02.2007 09:38)
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Thanks Nikos, much obliged to that clap Gosh this clapper is a hit clap Grin
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