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/ 1 decade ago (02 February 2007 12:39)

I just love the smileys here. I have a request for another smiley. We all know the Running smiley, but would it be possible to have one horizontally flipped as an "entering site" smiley?

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1 decade ago (02.02.2007 01:11)
Reply by: MountainHawk
One depicting clapping hands would be good too! Congratulation Wink
1 decade ago (03.02.2007 08:00)
Reply by: adni18
Good idea Jacob, I will do one now Wink

Yes Iain, clapping hands is good idea too, I will see what I can do with this very small size icons.
1 decade ago (03.02.2007 08:59)
Reply by: adni18
clap in
1 decade ago (03.02.2007 10:42)
Reply by: mikelly
Well done adni18 clap clap Happy
1 decade ago (03.02.2007 10:52)
Reply by: MountainHawk
clap clap clap clap clap clap Thank you
1 decade ago (03.02.2007 11:08)
Reply by: Keeko
You are a very clever man Nikos lol clap :o
1 decade ago (04.02.2007 12:38)
Reply by:
Hooray! clap :o in Running
1 decade ago (04.02.2007 12:59)
Reply by: adni18


Thank you! Grin
1 decade ago (04.02.2007 09:39)
Reply by: saalien
Wow great new smilies,, thank you Nikos clap
1 decade ago (04.02.2007 11:23)
Reply by:
Nice work Nikos, but my PC does not display the GIF images at all. Sad I opened a new thread, hopefully somebody can help.
1 decade ago (05.02.2007 07:20)
Reply by: contractartist
I do see Nikos keeps the very best smilies over at his web site. Running :p in Cool Care to share?
1 decade ago (06.02.2007 08:56)
Reply by: adni18

The script of SB like only 16 pixel high smiley´s OhWell

Thanks Auline and Fred Happy
1 decade ago (06.02.2007 04:27)
Reply by: contractartist
I do know that the smileys here work best for the chat column, now as for the comments and messageboard they could be a tad bigger. But that might mean two different kinds of smileys . Your site is cool! I wonder if you are making a new black theme for skinbase.
1 decade ago (06.02.2007 11:02)
Reply by: adni18
A black theme is beautiful but not that popular and SB is a public site with thousand visitors with different tastes, that´s why we try to keep the design neutral and popular as possible Wink
1 decade ago (07.02.2007 12:05)
Reply by: Captain America
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