Trying to contact SRG or Nikos

DigitalPhenom / 1 decade ago (19 January 2007 08:20)

Hey..I have been trying to contact Nikos or Srg via PM's but it doesn't appear they are going through.they arent showing up in the "sent Messages" folder. .Is there another way to contact..I have a question about getting registered at basehead. I cant ask there because it wont let me register lol..sorry..just need some assistance please.

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1 decade ago (20.01.2007 01:34)
Reply by: sed
Why cant you sign up? that is is a mystery to me? ... You can PM me here at SB, I am one of the Admins at basehead and I dont understand the problem. Just PM me
1 decade ago (20.01.2007 01:54)
Reply by: adni18
Hi Steve, strange things are happening sometimes... Wink
What is exactly the problem?
1 decade ago (20.01.2007 03:58)
Reply by: DigitalPhenom
hey guys thanks for answering..kind of a two way problem there...I couldn´t send Pm´s here and I couldn´t log on I signed up about 2 weeks ago under the name DP Studios...I used [LINK] as my email address and I never received an email conformation. I checked my spam folder as well..everyday. I never got anything.I can sign in over there but as soon as I try to do something it signs me out. Im assuming becasue I never conformed my account. Can someone send me an email so I can confirm? I would like to use that name and im afraid if I try again it will tell me someone already uses that name. I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
1 decade ago (20.01.2007 12:24)
Reply by: Srg01
hello Steve Happy
It seems that this account doesn´t exist. I search by query or manualy as far as I go back in the users database and don´t find it Fool
So I suggest you to try to create it again and send me an e-mail when you do it in order to verify that it´s OK.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
1 decade ago (20.01.2007 04:22)
Reply by: DigitalPhenom
Thank you SRG...Ill re try again....Its no Thanks my friend. Happy
1 decade ago (20.01.2007 10:08)
Reply by: Srg01
I realize I had search DP Studios but you are registered as dp_studios so try with the _ and let us know if problem persist Happy
1 decade ago (20.01.2007 10:28)
Reply by: sed
Keep chking with Serge, we talked and he has a handle on it Cool