Obsidian will not work

steveone / 1 decade ago (14 January 2007 05:32)

Hi there can you Please Help.
After running the default litestep i decided to download Obsidian shell and after installing it via the net all went well and I was enjoying the shell very much untill the next time I booted up and then that certain thing hit the fan (if you know what I mean)That is i just got an error message that litestep could not load and needs to close which it did and left me with nothing working and I mean nothing only the litestep wallpaper.
The only way i could reboot was in save mode and to my surprise Osidian loaded and worked (but it would only work in safe mode )so at the moment the only thing i could do was to go back to the Windows shell from safe mode .
I really need to get back to my Litestep Can anyone Please Help


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