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Keeko / 1 decade ago (10 January 2007 01:19)

Hi All!! I'm still pushing for a time and date to be placed on Home Page. It is still confusing me as to when I uploaded, was it today....or yesterday??? Amazed :o Booming love

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1 decade ago (10.01.2007 01:23)
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I live on East Coast USA... At 6 PM here, its a new day on the site. That probably confused you more. :-)
1 decade ago (10.01.2007 01:27)
Reply by: Keeko
Hi Fred, I´m on the East Coast of Australia and it is 11.15am. Are you today or yesterday??
1 decade ago (10.01.2007 04:30)
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Ok - so if I have this right - by the posted times here, I posted this at 7:23 PM Tuesday Evening, my time. You followed it 4 minutes later. And I believe that would be Wednesday morning for you? Basically, we were both in the new day here by just over an hour. Sounds like 10 AM at your area is a new day on the site, 6PM at my end. I don´t have a world map on hand - but it appears that you are ahead of me by 16 hours. I hope this helps you.
1 decade ago (10.01.2007 04:31)
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To confirm this - try uploading one of your nice works just before 10 AM your time. Then try another after 10. Observe the posted dates. Congratulation
1 decade ago (11.01.2007 04:35)
Reply by: Keeko
I DON´T GET UP UNTIL 10am!!!!!! Nikos sent me a PM and he is going to get Gregor to do it.....HOORAY!!!!!! lol lol
p.s. thanks for the info...... Congratulation
1 decade ago (11.01.2007 05:18)
Reply by: MountainHawk
All this computating makes my head hurt!!!! Congratulation Cool Wink
1 decade ago (11.01.2007 11:20)
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I know what you mean... still easier than the rating system here, though!! lol
1 decade ago (11.01.2007 11:21)
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Am I right about the time difference?? 16 hours? Or have I NOT a clue? Grin
1 decade ago (13.01.2007 01:40)
Reply by: Keeko
I just worked it out.......you are correct Fred, 16 hours..... A w a r d