mickeblue / 1 decade ago (22 December 2006 06:02)

I was having trouble opening a zip file the other day... I think it was compiled with Winzip9 and I only have 8, but a thread on another forum led me to this site ~ ~ the Alzip app opened the file that was giving me grief without any trouble, and like Winrar it allows a greater control over extracting individual files.

I haven't checked out the other programs on this site yet, but over the Xmas period I will certainly be doing so.

Cool site, worth checking out Congratulation Cool

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Sounds promising! Wink Thanks Mick ! Congratulation
1 decade ago (23.12.2006 03:50)
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I have always used is freeware and opens everything you could ever want and is absolutely reliable. Congratulation Cool Wink
1 decade ago (28.12.2006 03:11)
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Consider 7ZIP....... a powerfull ......... FREE........ tool for extraxting almost everything. It has even extracted things for me other would not.
1 decade ago (29.12.2006 01:53)
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ZipGenius handles 7Zip files too! And RAR files and JAR files and anything else you can think of. Plus it has a file cutter and an FTP transfer app all rolled into one FREE package. It was based on 7Zip and is more advanced. Congratulation Cool Wink
1 decade ago (29.12.2006 07:20)
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All I know is some one gave me a disk with a zip that had been compiled with Winzip9... I still have 8. When I tried to open the file my machine froze and when I rebooted it had to go through a critical error restart ( my thanks to the guys at Winzip...that the commercial element should mean so much to you [ I can rememeber a time when Winzip was free anyway] ).

Alzip can open 36 types of compressed files ( iso´s? and bin´s ) and create 8 ... good enough for me as a home user
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Five and five is 55. Do that dance.
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