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Jadoo / 1 decade ago (27 August 2006 03:40)


I really don't understand the way of ordering the postings in any topic. Is it a bug? First I thought that it might be the time zone I have chosen, but the problem is the same when I'm logged out.

Usually one should see the first post and all the following answers ordered by time, like:

1. My Problem is ...
2. You can fix the problem with ...
3. Thank you for your help ...
4. You're welcome

But in one topic I have seen, that the first answer to a topic was shown on the second page in that topic and all other postings are mixed, too.

In the following topic for example the answer post posted BEFORE the first one. Could this be possible Grin ? See the Screenshot

Jadoo Happy

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1 decade ago (15.07.2007 01:44)
Reply by: Jadoo
It´s me again Grin ... sorry for disturbing. But as I see, only I reported this problem. No one from the other members says anything. If only I see the wrong order, how could I handle with it? I just read another topic and still get confused because of the order. Is there any trick to be able to read a topic Wink
1 decade ago (15.07.2007 06:19)
Reply by: adni18
The order of the posts in any topic is correct, when you open a topic you see the last page of the topic with the last posts...
1 decade ago (15.07.2007 05:24)
Reply by: sed
I will chk BASEHEAD and see iff that is the case there.... I never noticed!! Grin
1 decade ago (27.08.2006 07:27)
Reply by: kchristine
Yes it could be possible. gRAVE is optimizing Skinbase to help take care of the slowness and the down time. He will get it all back in order but sometimes weird things happen.
1 decade ago (27.08.2006 07:51)
Reply by: Gregor
I´ll check this
1 decade ago (10.01.2007 07:04)
Reply by: Jadoo
Hi ... I was just reading a topic and I really get confused when I see the order of it. I really do not know where the problem is, maybe its the time I have chosen in my profile settings or anything else. Here´s a screenshot to show you what I mean: [LINK] Sad