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1 decade ago (06.07.2006 12:52)
Reply by: sed
OK.... This can be so SIMPLE, Click your SEARCH go to : ... WINZIP Its a free down load and actually the most used. OPEN it or save it whatever. BEST thing is just run it and put it on your PC You´ll learn to use it after a while but when you download something You O P E N the zipped folder and inside you will hav the BMP or whatever you are downloading. ITS EZ Its Free Cool Good luck LOL LOL
1 decade ago (06.07.2006 12:53)
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Search for WINZIP and download THAT. It´s free and EZ to learn but you can OPEN whatever is zipped to where you want itGOOD LUCK Cool
1 decade ago (06.07.2006 12:54)
Reply by: sed
F´in thing BURPED but you get the idea... X3
1 decade ago (06.07.2006 01:19)
Reply by: MountainHawk
Another good choice....and the one I use is Zip Genius......handles all compressed files including RAR files and SIT files. Simple easy to use and is completely free with no trial restrictions. Congratulation Cool Wink
1 decade ago (07.07.2006 01:31)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
All of these suggestions are available in a free version making them great and popular=common and bug free. Every once and a while you might be dealing with a zip in one of Stardock´s special zip formats. These are to be opened with ObjectZip by stardock, typically a part of Object Desktop.