cant download care bear 2 desktop theme

kcauley_86 / 1 decade ago (01 July 2006 08:07)

i cant get the care bear 2 theme to download and this is the only website i can find with a care theme i like the other sites can never find the site i am looking for so maybe someone can help me with downloading or knows where there is another one that i can download
thank you kcauley_86

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1 decade ago (01.07.2006 08:11)
Reply by: kchristine
If it´s the one by Chickie that you are referring to, it´s not a skin. It´s a screenshot of what her desktop looks like.
1 decade ago (01.07.2006 08:17)
Reply by: kcauley_86
alright do you know of any where i can find a care bear theme i can download i have been looking all day and all the ones i find do not work
1 decade ago (02.07.2006 04:09)
Reply by: kchristine
Well, you could try WinCustomize, DeviantArt, Lots of Skins. Have you tried just goggling care bears skins?