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I am new here at SkinBase, and I've been getting good reviews for my art. I don't have any problem with people complimenting my work, but I would like to stimulate people to tell me if they have any criticism. In oher words, if you don't like my work, I'd also like to know. Of course, taste is an important factor. But still, if someone can give a reason for not likinga certain skin or wallpaper, I think we can all learn from it.

Does anyone share this opinion?

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1 decade ago (25.06.2006 07:35)
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First of all, welcome to SB Happy . And yes, I share this opinion, as criticism is always welcome if made in a way in which we can improve our works ,skills and ideas. As an amateur photographer, I am much more at home when appreciating photographs from other SBasers and I try always to tell exactly what I think and when needed I always give my advice, technically speaking, and from my personal point of view. Photographer Photographer Photographer
1 decade ago (25.06.2006 08:26)
Reply by: navigatsio
I agree and I think everyone welcomes constructive criticism. Things have gotten ALOT better in that area in the past couple of years...I remember when comments used to get pretty vicious sometimes and a thick skin was required just to share your work with others... :-)
Of course, we all see through different eyes and it is basically a matter of individual taste but tips on the "mechanics" of creating an image, photograph or skin in a certain way are always helpful. Just an opinion... :-)
1 decade ago (25.06.2006 09:02)
Reply by: AM2FX
I think most of us Think Like you criticism Wink
1 decade ago (25.06.2006 09:50)
Reply by: MaryQualls
To me, constructive criticism is the most helpful - and more welcome - thing of all. As a beginner trying to learn the art of creating CGIs (didn´t even know what they were until a couple of years ago) I feel it would be presumptuous for me to offer critiques of another´s work, so I seldom do...besides, everyone else´s work always looks better than mine to my eyes. Grin I´m not so much lazy as I´m afaid of embarrassing myself - but I´ll try to do better in the future. Booming love
1 decade ago (25.06.2006 10:04)
Reply by: MountainHawk
Problem is a lot of people percieve constructive criticism as a threat....they lack the maturity to see it as a tool to improve. Cool Wink Magician
1 decade ago (26.06.2006 08:19)
Reply by: Big_philly
I know what people you´re talking about...
Personally I like constructive criticism, but I can´t stand it if someone criticises me in a way that makes him seem like the best, and me like a total maggot. I started a riot over something like that in a project group at university (and eventually got fired)...
1 decade ago (26.06.2006 06:55)
Reply by: Big_philly
Agreed.I think some constructive criticism is particularly useful in this line of art since a good knowledge of techniques involved with different styles and programs can improve the quality of someone´s art. I´m still learning new things about the programs I use, which can be seen if you look at my uploaded work (I hope).
1 decade ago (26.06.2006 07:31)
Reply by: mickeblue
Quote ~ "Personally I like constructive criticism, but I can´t stand it if someone criticises me in a way that makes him seem like the best, and me like a total maggot"... well that isn´t constructive criticism is it, and anyone that feels they have to denegrate your work in that way is probably insecure ( or, like theatre critics, incapable of competing with your work and just plain jealous! ).

It´s the old "those who can do, those who can´t teach... and those who would like to to be able to do either critcise".

Don´t read too much into it... I think my work is crap, but a lot of other people seem to like it... it just makes me want to do better. lol
1 decade ago (26.06.2006 10:00)
Reply by: vikram
Totally agree. Contsructive criticism is the only way to move forwards and learn.

Just have some fun with it and see where it takes you. Happy
1 decade ago (26.01.2007 03:56)
Reply by: Keeko
I also agree, I would like constructive criticism, sometimes this is the only way we learn.... lol
1 decade ago (26.01.2007 02:50)
Reply by: sed
You allready know .... I like your work, I mainly critisize on SIZE..... You are fine Grin I just cant get along with DRUMMERS Grin Joking, Cool
1 decade ago (27.01.2007 02:42)
Reply by: Big_philly
...i hope so :P
1 decade ago (27.01.2007 08:58)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
yeah: its nice that ppl say what they mean about the pictures.Dont just say " great work" if the picture are "ugly" say it, but its NO picture at SB are Ugly. I think All the uploaders here are Great.....And I just sign in and my pictures are OhWell ..
And your Work is very nice!!!!!
Enjoy peeps
1 decade ago (27.01.2007 01:18)
Reply by: Susan
Yes i share this kind of opinion ,i love to hear from people commenting if they like it or not,its the way to improve,some just downloaded your work without saying a word. Smile
1 decade ago (31.01.2007 01:40)
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Hear hear! All I wish is good constructive criticism! Congratulation
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