Keeko / 1 decade ago (19 June 2006 02:48)

My Corel Draw has crashed.....anyone know of a free program similar? I need to do walls!!!!!!! Fun
Thanks!! lol

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1 decade ago (19.06.2006 03:26)
Reply by: MountainHawk
Serif PhotoPlus available from or Congratulation Cool Wink
1 decade ago (19.06.2006 03:27)
Reply by: MountainHawk
It takes photoshop plug ins and if you want a little programme that runs photoshop plugs google nigulp. Nifty little application. Congratulation Cool Wink
1 decade ago (19.06.2006 08:39)
Reply by: kchristine
Also the GIMP. IrfanView, PhotoFilter.
1 decade ago (19.06.2006 09:40)
Reply by: Snowman
ummm.... errrr..... how about just reinstalling Corel Draw?!?
1 decade ago (20.06.2006 12:08)
Reply by: mickeblue
lol lol lol
1 decade ago (20.06.2006 12:12)
Reply by: vikram
DO PhotpoPlus...NOW
1 decade ago (20.06.2006 07:48)
Reply by: MountainHawk
I did think that myself Snowman....I thought it might be TOO much stating the obvious. Grin
1 decade ago (20.06.2006 04:41)
Reply by: kchristine
She has tried reinstalling it but to no avail. She said she reinstalled Windows also so maybe a computer crash rather than a program crash?
1 decade ago (20.06.2006 06:35)
Reply by: mickeblue
Well definitely something wrong with the registry if a simple reinstall won´t resolve the problem.

"Reinstalled Windows"?? what does that mean? sticking the disk in the slot and opting for "repair"... doesn´t work.

If the registry is buggered it needs a proper reformat, and unless you have the right software it can mean a lot of work ( and a lot of lost files if you aren´t prepared for it ). Cry
1 decade ago (20.06.2006 10:00)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
reinstalling windows without a certain trick will call for activation and mess up after 3 installs meaning you have to contact Microsoft. Unless you doctor something. But that should be a separate topic. The corel draw itself should be independent from that.

Maybe corel also has an internal counter if you install too many times. Before completely de- and reinstalling it maybe you can export and print your settings. Then back up ALL corel draw folders somewhere. Some programs place stuff outside of the program folder, too. Like - local settings - user X - application data - ... or programs - shared files, or local settings - all users - application data. Or my documents - my corel whatevers- Plus some stuff gets directories in windows and in windows - system32 folder. And also C:\program files - etc.

After backing up all of that, including settings (screenshots of settings also help), thorough deinstall with regedit search for rests of corel and the software company name might help. You want to know what you are doing, though.

And then a clean reinstall after making sure your installer hasnt went bad because of a counter inside it - and THEN maybe after it works you can retrieve some of your prior data and add it or place it OVER the successful new install. And manually get your settings closer to what they used to be Wink
1 decade ago (21.06.2006 01:19)
Reply by: kchristine
I really don´t know Mick. She said she had to reinstall several things so being computer stupid I am totally in the dark.
1 decade ago (21.06.2006 03:01)
Reply by: navigatsio
As Taxi suggested, try manually removing ALL files and folders associated with the program including using a registry cleaner to remove ALL additional remnants of the program then doing a clean reinstall. Sometimes if you try a reinstall over an existing installation it simply won´t take...especially if the existing installation is corrupt. :-)
1 decade ago (21.06.2006 05:16)
Reply by: MountainHawk
I have had a similar problem with simply won´t accept the valid serial number....keeps telling me it is invalid. Only happens on Corel it seems. Though looking at the mess they have made of PaintShop Pro it hardly surprises me. Anyone who has used PSP8 and then gone to Corel PSP X can immediately see something is not right. Perspective filters function nothing like 8 and it is generally more clunkier. I found a much better replacement for Bryce and have gone back to PSP8. Personally I steer clear of does not impress me one bit. Cool Wink Wink lol
1 decade ago (21.06.2006 01:36)
Reply by: Keeko
Wow Amazed I didn´t expect so many replies....this is wonderful....thanks heaps guys!!!!!! lol I did try to re-install corel, 4 times, it would accept the code but when I went to open a graphic I got an error message. I also tried to repair Windows, twice, then I re-installed windows, lost a lot of programs doing it, now no corel and windows is not working properley, however, help is at hand, I have a friend comming over tomorrow who´s business is fixing computers (thank God!!) so I have taken this time to clean all the crap from my computer. I will look into all the programs that you have suggested. Once again thanks for all the replies..... A w a r d A w a r d A w a r d A w a r d
1 decade ago (22.06.2006 02:06)
Reply by: Jamaunzie
Always always save on either external Hard drive or another Hard drive internal save alot of Heartache I myself Run three external hard drives hooked up together with firewire because of this happening to me never save pictures graphics or music on main hard drive you will thank yourself later and your computer will run so so so much bettermy main hard drive only has windows xp on it all programs and anything eles is stored on external hard drives