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Hi fellow photographers.Would be nice if every uploaded photo would have its Exif information, as it is interesting to know - at least for myself - wich camera was used,aperture settings, metering settings, software used on postprocessing and an array of information that can explain and show to us how the capture was done and worked afterwards. I know for instance that with the last upload from PrincessNova, she used a Nikon D50, used a multisegment metering mode, used Photoshop CS2 on post processing,and even that she took the picture on the 11th June at 16.09 hrs. As you all know, exif metadata is like the fingerprint of a digital capture and I am amazed when I see captures with no exif metadata and in some cases only with the software used for postprocessing. least. Photographer Photographer Photographer

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1 decade ago (18.06.2006 01:53)
Reply by: nadgerry
will do Arthur Cool
1 decade ago (18.06.2006 02:35)
Reply by: mickeblue
Begs a question though Artur. I´ve found if I save an image as ExifJpeg I am unable to load it to the web. Don´t know if it´s my ISP, FTP software or what, but it just won´t load... hence I don´t save in that format.
1 decade ago (18.06.2006 02:44)
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Thanks Gerry and Mick. Note however Mick that when you download the pictures from the camera to your computer, they are downloaded as jpeg ( with the exif info on them). However, some postprocessing software can just erase the exif info, without even your aknowledgement.Its a premiere to me, what you said, as the exif metadata is saved in a normal jpeg file. Its a pity you can not upload them with that info, not that it is crucial. Note however that when you make film photography, you do not have that exif info, but you can add the details you want, later on , manually, on the Jpeg/exif comment. Happy Photographer
1 decade ago (18.06.2006 09:04)
Reply by: brett
Thanks for the info. I did not know this info was embedded in the jpeg file. Will try and include from now on.

When I work on pics I quite often convert to tif or bmp converting back to jpeg for uploading. Will this process loose the exif info?
1 decade ago (18.06.2006 09:30)
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It depends on the software you use Brett. PS2 keeps the exif info, the Gimp as well. Also, in some software, you have the option to preserve or not, the exif info. For me, it´s quite important to keep it, as it serves as source of information regarding what i did, how i did it and compare results. Happy Happy Happy Happy
1 decade ago (20.06.2006 12:53)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Very good idea, to mention this Cool feature often neglected. Raw Shooter looked interesting for things like this, for processing BEFORE things land in jpeg format. 2005 version free belonged to unfree photo impact 7 premium suite. You could upgrade to that cheaper from SE version almost free from my webhoster 1&1.

Still, the 2006 raw shooter would cost extra, all they offered was a time limited trial version for that. But the old one is quite powerful it seems.

Still I dont have a camera yet hehe leave alone accessories etc. But bit by bit I stumble on these things when getting into software for making videos with the webcam. Next I have to learn to burn things on dvd to test em in Mom´s living room. Time flies... :taxi