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Srg01 / 1 decade ago (05 June 2006 06:31)

Do you know that SkinBase has a "Frappr Map" ?
Oh! what is a Frappr map ? It's easy, it's a map where you can place a marker on the location where you live and then see if there is another Skinbaser near you.
After the Artur's topic about your real name, show us where you live Happy

More details ? It's here :

I don't have created this map, I think that an admin did it but didn't make promotion about it.
However I think it's a good idea so come on gals and guys Wink

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1 decade ago (05.06.2006 06:52)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Good thing you thought about, Serge. As far as I recall we had meant that as a substitute or additional alternative for staff members in the transitional phase when new staff page was not up yet. Staff itself was changing too, those days, so it never got fully where it was meant....

Glad you are in it 2, and first of all maybe more active or honored/premium staff could join.

Technically I dont know if users can join but if not we should make a full group including that or a separate one for users. Which is much more important, because rest is in updated staff pages by now.

WC also has that for their users, its not a bad idea. Happy
1 decade ago (05.06.2006 07:26)
Reply by: mickeblue
Love it! Cr@p photo of me tho´, but I was born animated, and the stills aren´t so great lol
1 decade ago (05.06.2006 07:32)
Reply by: mickeblue
Ha ha! not so good... it has put me in the US lol Silly map! lol lol

Sorted! LOL
1 decade ago (05.06.2006 07:55)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
WOW great. Tx for getting in mickeblue. Congratulation I remember I created an account and whole personal page there with a password I set myself for logging in and changing my data. Had to set my city to Frankfurt, Hassia (Hessen) and struggled a bit then it worked. Only I cant update all things once they are in, like the balloon tips.

Glad to see you can get in though. Cant remember, did I have a separate password to enter for all options those days. According to Greg Snowman might remember. I will try to drop him a line to this thread. Before we proudly announce in a news post I should get back in to how all options work a bit. Hey, tell us who else joined. Not a bad photo btw. Happy
1 decade ago (05.06.2006 08:12)
Reply by: Srg01
Thanks Mick Wink glad to see you in it.
And thanks for your precisions Tobie, it could be useful to have the admin password to apply a Skinbase logo Happy
Come on Skinbasers, everyone can put his marker on the map Happy
1 decade ago (05.06.2006 08:49)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Dropped Snowman a pm with link to this thread hoping he can give us more tips. In my old e-mails found an invitation from the frappr group saying I had been invited to join, please come to link (same link Serge put up above anyway). Then for logging in to the whole personal profile page I decided to make for TAXIFUNK there I had to set my own individual password. That allowed for making friends etc. and stating personal hobbies.

One day I was trying to kill my old text and update so I deleted my staff photo, some others are still in. But I didnt manage to update. The Skinbase group auto assigned me to things like wb and winamp whether I liked it or not, so that was a default group setting. If we dont reach Morten in a week or so for more details, we will talk to Greg about a whole new group if necessary. But it seems to work a bit already, so Serge is right, just try it out and stick in it whatever works already.

When its all a bit more final and tested we will try to put full instructions in a news thread.
1 decade ago (05.06.2006 11:16)
Reply by: catluvr
I´m there. Congratulation
1 decade ago (06.06.2006 12:08)
Reply by: MountainHawk
It doesn´t have where I live.....I am missing between Milton and Invercargill. Congratulation Cool Wink
1 decade ago (06.06.2006 12:15)
Reply by: mickeblue
That´ll teach you to live in the Land of the Hobbits Iain lol

Hurray! on the tenth try I got back to the UK... now I´ve got a two hour walk from bloody London to where I live... still better than Arkansas I guess LOL
1 decade ago (06.06.2006 02:11)
Reply by: Yrgal
Couldn´t find the right city, but close enough!
1 decade ago (06.06.2006 04:41)
Reply by: nadgerry
I´m in there!!!!!!!!!! :p :p
1 decade ago (06.06.2006 01:17)
Reply by:
Already there Happy
1 decade ago (17.06.2006 08:19)
Reply by: navigatsio
I´m there now...
My girlfriend thinks Yrgal and I look alot alike. :-) Not many other pics there though?
1 decade ago (17.06.2006 11:40)
Reply by: Srg01
Thanks to all Wink
For other members, hurry up to place your marker, there is still some space on the map LOL
1 decade ago (19.06.2006 02:33)
Reply by: Keeko
I can´t get in there!! There is no city in Australia and I don´t know the longtatude and latitude!!!