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grimspoon / 1 decade ago (05 January 2002 10:15)

Heya, some of us on skinbase have taken up a challenge of promoting LS among base heads. So over the coming months expect a lot of annoying stuff to be going on around here.. lotsa ´shell talk´ and junk.

Oki, anyhow, I´m back to theming LS, YAY!


Firstly, the Golden Shell Awards 2001

Best Shell Developer: jugg

Best Supporting Developer: BlkHawk and galois

Best Innovation: OTS

Best Promise: Blackbox for Windows

Best Website: LS2K

Best Shell: LiteStep

Best LiteStep Module: MZScript

Best Vapors Left From a Shell: Juice

Best Thorn in the Side: Bandwidth

There you go.. notice the best module?

MZScript.. I think scripting is the future of shells, ofcourse. Wink

get yours from

BTW, there have been rumours about new LS mod that will skin your application windows. Me want one of those!

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1 decade ago (05.01.2002 04:14)
Reply by: Elwin
Listen to Grimspoon...
1 decade ago (05.01.2002 04:17)
Reply by: Elwin

On a related note: I´ve been playing with Blackbox for Windows (a new shell).
Some EXCELLENT potential there, but -
Trust me: Litestep seems SO easy all of a sudden...

1 decade ago (07.01.2002 05:23)
Reply by: craeonics
LiteStep always was easy. That pick of Juice was a guaranteed winner. Imagine this, Reveal dates back to ´98, its successor Juice was soon announced, but never appeared. And I´m still hoping...

As for BlackBox, seems like it´s dying already. If you´ve followed the shell sites, you´ve noticed the big flame that it started.
1 decade ago (07.01.2002 05:47)
Reply by: Elwin
Darn! I always miss the good Flame Wars.
(Well, except for the ones I start, that is...)
1 decade ago (07.01.2002 05:49)
Reply by: Elwin
And back to Grim´s original thread: I´m dying waiting for that skinning mod. Then LS will be a truly self contained shell replacement.
1 decade ago (07.01.2002 06:32)
Reply by: Doreen
Hello Mr. Jingle Bells Wink
1 decade ago (08.01.2002 05:55)
Reply by: grimspoon
lol @ Doreen

Oki.. I´ve decided to set up 0.gra (Zero Gravity) page on Bkaro where I will show newbies how I put my themes together. We also need to set up a LiteStep resource page here on skinbase with relevant links and set of simple instalation and customization instructions.
Now thats an easy part, unfortunately.. with my other commitements and time restraints, we need to have maybe few more people involved here.

Oki, here is where I come short...
Themer: I do not theme LS Distro packs and general default builds, so anyone with experience in that field would be welcomed to get involved. I think that would be a good point to start with the newbies.
Scripter: Someone with a good knowledge of scripting and bang commands would be handy addition to the team, as undoubtedly.. there will be lot of questions relating to scripts. Actually, I hope that either Phar0e or Jafo get involved here over time.
Coder: Someone with experience of coding LS or it´s modules would also come in handy in the consulting role.

Now this is not an LS development venture here, but you could call it a community service to promote shell customisation on skinbase. Most of the involvment will be on the msg board and workshops and I hope it generates interest, not just in LiteStep, but also in other shell replacements like GeoShell.

Anyhow.. thats all the ideas I have, now I have ta get back to making those pages.. lots of things have changed since I last assembled a theme.
But the future looks bright.. now where are my shades?
1 decade ago (08.01.2002 08:08)
Reply by: Zathrus
Crae, where can I find there BlackBox Win flames?
1 decade ago (08.01.2002 08:10)
Reply by: Zathrus
Lie(?)Step ??
c´mon, give us the truth, Spoon.
1 decade ago (08.01.2002 10:12)
Reply by: craeonics
Flame (read from the bottom upwards): [LINK]
1 decade ago (08.01.2002 11:10)
Reply by: Zathrus

I couldn´t understand what sort of fuss could have errupted out of a BB port. (I read the docs and that interview thing before the war thread). I didn´t have trouble with the -rtfm thing.. Wink

I see now that it was more of a personality clash. Not something you can pickup just by looking at the program, which by the way, looks damn good.

I really hope it doesn´t die, I only found it yesturday...
1 decade ago (08.01.2002 11:44)
Reply by: Zathrus
One thing that bugs me though...

Brad Hughes´ (the original BlackBox author) name doesn´t appear anywhere in the credits. Brad didn´t even use the GPL, he allows you to do anything with the source, (even proprietise it.) provided that you give credit.

On the other hand, a lot of work must have gone in to the port. XWindows code is useless on Win32. But still.....
1 decade ago (08.01.2002 12:47)
Reply by: craeonics
It was written from scratch it seems, so that would explain the credits thing. So it´s not a port in the sense of change a couple of lines and recompile, more a from the ground up thing.

According to this post: [LINK] it will be dropped by the developer, but open sourced. My experience with shells going open-source is that they´ll be essentially dead then (with a few exception ofcourse).

Anyway, flames are always about ego.
1 decade ago (05.02.2002 10:25)
Reply by: grimspoon
hmm.. and that is so true crae

anyhow.. I´m not dead.. it´s just taking me ages to check out everything on offer in these LS grazing fields.
OTS (open theme standard) is cool... but it is again only someone´s preffered method. I´m sure lotsa guys thought, ´hey, whats wrong with the way I do it?´ But I will be updating my themes, it´s a good thing.

1 decade ago (05.02.2002 12:35)
Reply by: craeonics
/me pokes a stick at the spoon to see if it´s dead
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