World Soccer A w a r d in firefox browser!

TAXIFUNK / 1 decade ago (25 May 2006 01:40)

Everyone who´s looking forward to the forthcoming world mastership in soccer (german football; which might have originated in Scotland, btw) but also busy for many hours on his or her computer can check out a new free plugin to add to the firefox browser.

This add on works in English, German, many languages including Chinese and yet automatically realizes which country you are visiting with your laptop, or where you are currently at home. It then puts a subtle sports section of a few pixels down on the right of the status bar, showing the 2 flags of whatever game you want to monitor automatically. Its alarm can go GOAL! or just moo!, whatever sound u like each time something happens in the game that changes the score.

Works either to monitor only your favorite European or World soccer team, or all games of a series of your choice, friendship games, german 1. or 2. liga, anything.

Optically the status bar also shows whether the game is not on yet, when it will start (in YOUR local time), whether its on or over and what the score is. And total scores and much more.

It only works for versions at least with build no. 1.5x or higher. BUT:

NOW build 1.53 of firefox itself is ALSO FREE (time unlimited). If you decide to install that over your previous let´s say formerly used build 1.07 or deer whatever build, first get the plugin for automatic backup of ALL YOUR SETTINGS for the OLD version.

The 1.53 build then asks you whether you want to update THAT plugin. Do that! Then install the soccer plugin. Enjoy!

Link for firefox 1.53 download:

Link for backup plugin:

Link for soccer plugin:

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1 decade ago (25.05.2006 07:45)
Reply by: Rachel25
Thanks alott...the plugin is gonna be a gr8 help durin d wold cup....its made my work alot easier.. Fun
1 decade ago (24.06.2006 01:51)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
New one to add on to that or independently, for watching several things and ways at once while browsing:


In opposite to footie fox, this is meant SOLELY for the world cup. Some might use it longer though because it colors firefox THEMES with looks of your desired nation. Only themes that dont change the whole background image. Example it leaves buttons and color of SILVER SKIN and adds look of Brasil to right half of upper panel. But PIMPZILLA will stay PIMPZILLA because that uses it own image instead of a recolored default.

Sidebar with info can be deactivated from settings inside firefox extension panel. Then instead you can drag a football button onto your toolbar to only click when a game is on or you want to know what u missed when offline.

It adds its own display NEXT to footie fox in status bar but only for next or current game. Meanwhile you can set footie fox to another game (for instance, a NON world cup game, or a different one from World cup scheduled at the same time).

Designed by mozilla, fed by Google. After installing extension, restarting and configuring, you might want to disable browser allowing for further automatic Google toolbar installations unless updating extension version or something. Wink
1 decade ago (27.06.2006 04:10)
Reply by: mickeblue
Purely for your delictation Toby... look at this ~


How´d theplugin figure that out? lol lol lol maybe someone should tell the Ukrainians!
1 decade ago (27.06.2006 07:17)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
That blew footies fuse this morning - it says no connection. Hey wow. Fun Fool :p Today at 5pm in Germany I watch Brasil BUT NOT FROM THE NET. (Meanwhile only neat thing on google gadget was all the special popups for the yellow and red penalty cards, much more of those than goals, oh well).

Hope theres as much life downtown afterwards no matter who wins as I am glad to see here and there where I find you guys + gals Grin
1 decade ago (29.06.2006 07:14)
Reply by: Xenu
jau, footiefox rocks Happy
1 decade ago (07.07.2006 11:48)
Reply by: mickeblue
Icky UkkH! I uninstalled the plugin and now I kep getting a pop-up saying that Shockwave has performed an ilegal action and \i should restart Firefox... hope this all this trojan shit wasn´t due to the World Cup...... that would really piss me off.... being Irish! lol lol