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/ 1 decade ago (22 May 2006 10:33)

Well , it is quite annoying for myself, when giving a comment or when contacting some members, not to know their names and have to call them by their nickname. I know that mountainhawk is Iain, I know that our favourite Taxi is Toby, I know that our Adni is Nikos, I know that our kchristine is my sweet Sally,that our jamaunzie is Rick, that our sweet saalien is my dearest Auline, etc, but just a few minutes ago I had to give a comment to radnor (????),or to mikelly (????), or whoever else. Could you people tell us what your really names are ? I am Artur, best known as greytata, GT for my friends, but I am Artur, simply pleasure to know you. Photographer

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1 decade ago (15.07.2007 02:10)
Reply by: 2 of 3
Name is Timothy (call me Tim) 2 of 3 is a joke from Star Trek (7 of 9)... I´m second born of 3 siblings!
1 decade ago (26.07.2007 01:09)
Reply by: brickhead
hello everyone! my name is steve, i go by brickhead at all the skinning sites and firebrick at deviant art, why the strange nic? i´m in the brick business! Grin Smile
1 decade ago (25.07.2007 03:30)
Reply by: [email protected]
this is Ananth from chennai....
1 decade ago (25.07.2007 07:42)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
ah This is sooo nice to know!! Wink
Hi Ananth!!
1 decade ago (25.07.2007 11:40)
Reply by: radnor
Hi. My name is Norine. "RAD" is my husband´s initials.
1 decade ago (16.07.2007 06:46)
Reply by: brett
Hi Artur great idea by the way. My real name is the same as my user name Brett. Happy
1 decade ago (16.07.2007 10:00)
Reply by: DjDomiNatorX
hmm ahh Wink
Now evryone know what my name is Wink Kenneth lol lol
1 decade ago (16.07.2007 11:04)
Reply by: sed
And it continues... Correct me if Im wrong... Jamunize is RICK?? Ok, Fred I got... What about FLYAIRTH?? Or Wary09... Some of the here and there strangers??? :o
1 decade ago (17.07.2007 01:35)
Reply by: netwolf56
Netwolf56=David Akers
1 decade ago (22.05.2006 10:42)
Reply by: kchristine
Good idea Artur. Booming love
1 decade ago (22.05.2006 10:42)
Reply by: Rachel25
Hi Artur...nice topic...everyone needs this,,
I m Aanchal
1 decade ago (22.05.2006 10:51)
Reply by:
Thanks Sally and Aanchal...I like to call people, specially my feloowmates and friends here, by their names.Thanks Happy Booming love
1 decade ago (22.05.2006 11:11)
Reply by: nadgerry
Mine´s Gerry Cool
1 decade ago (22.05.2006 11:16)
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Thanks Gerry. Its working , its working, thank God Happy
1 decade ago (22.05.2006 11:20)
Reply by: nadgerry
no problem Artur
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