Correction required

Rachel25 / 1 decade ago (22 May 2006 09:20)

When we we open the "to whom i m buddy "link...
The title appears "to who is buddy" should be corrected.. Thank you...i know its a very lil error...but...i guess when it cumz to SB ....we wanna be perfect enough. No one should point out a single fault in this amazing community.. Happy

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1 decade ago (22.05.2006 09:25)
Reply by: nadgerry
u speak gibberish and English? Phew..well done!! :p
1 decade ago (22.05.2006 09:28)
Reply by: kchristine
She´s amazing isn´t she? Booming love
1 decade ago (22.05.2006 09:34)
Reply by: nadgerry
I must hire her to do my
1 decade ago (22.05.2006 09:35)
Reply by: Rachel25
cbkguybt4jawkmx,hogq --- SB haz made me what i am...thanx to u guys!! A w a r d
1 decade ago (22.05.2006 09:51)
Reply by: nadgerry
good for SB!! A w a r d A w a r d A w a r d