Can´t add to my buddies files

Keeko / 1 decade ago (07 May 2006 03:34)

Could you please tell me why I can't add anyone to my buddies list. I have 3 on there already. I click on the little icon that said "add to buddies" it goes thru the motions, but when I check it hasn't added them. Thanks Janet OhWell Sad

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1 decade ago (07.05.2006 03:37)
Reply by: Rachel25
The same haz been happenin with me also..
1 decade ago (07.05.2006 03:39)
Reply by: Keeko
Thanks for your reply Rachel25. I thought it was just me, now I know it´s a site problem.
1 decade ago (07.05.2006 04:43)
Reply by: kchristine
Must be a bug in the script. I´ll bring it to the attention of the proper person. Thanks for letting us know. Booming love
1 decade ago (08.05.2006 08:28)
Reply by: Keeko
No problem, thanks for the reply. lol
1 decade ago (08.05.2006 08:31)
Reply by: Keeko
Problem fixed!!!! Thank you guys!!! A w a r d A w a r d
1 decade ago (09.05.2006 11:12)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
2 positions are meant for that. Only 1 of them works for me today. When you really are on the profile page of an artist or member, up on the right (using the default blue skin) in brown letters you read a clickable text ADD TO FRIENDS LIST.

That one works.

Later a little colored symbol was added to another place on each separate SKIN page of the members gallery, a page that displays only 1 skin at a time after you clicked the one you liked. When you hover over the symbol its context says add to buddies list. But when you do it by clicking that symbol, something SEEMS to happen, but in reality, after checking your buddies section, the new buddy is NOT added to the top.

So use the first feature instead, go to the profile page and click the highlighted words ADD TO FRIENDS LIST instead if the same thing happens to you. Wink
1 decade ago (09.05.2006 03:21)
Reply by: Keeko
Thanks taxifunk I will try that.....