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/ 1 decade ago (02 May 2006 09:29)

I think that a description on a work, should be mandatory, not just the usual "thanks", "enjoy", etc etc etc. With a description, we can understand better what the artist did, why he/she did it, how he/she did it.This is what I sincerely think Photographer

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1 decade ago (02.05.2006 09:40)
Reply by: kchristine
Sorry. I´m a just THANKS! I can´t think of anything to say. Maybe I could hire sed or somebody to write my descriptions for me. Booming love
1 decade ago (02.05.2006 09:43)
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You naughty girl.... Booming love Booming love Booming love
1 decade ago (02.05.2006 09:59)
Reply by: sed
Agree..... I try to give a little insight as to why it was titled what it is or sometimes the different MAIN program I use. A lot of people have fascinating art and I cant figure it out how they did it at all . RARE but it pisses me off. Even just the MAIN tool used gives ya an idea of how it was constucted. And a long time ago when Scarebear, gRave, and BoXXi and Adni were new I noticed the sizes of the pix in file were also shown (800x600 or 1280 x 960 ETC.) Glad you brought this to our attention GT Cool
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 09:42)
Reply by: Aaron-Nora
Hi. Yes. I agree, but when you see a beautiful woman you don´t ask her about her beauty secrets. I mean if she told you the beauty process (clean up, make up, pill off... girls you understand me) then the mistery would dissapear. Running Probably it happens the same when you create something. Well, I had to say something cause I´m an "Enjoy" one. LOL LOL LOL
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 01:12)
Reply by: MountainHawk
GT ,you hit the nail on the head...more often than not I give a brief description of what I did even if at times it is humorous. Those that know me know what I am talking about. I don´t always state what I used or how I achieved an image but am always open to people asking me. I have no problem passing on skills. After all that is how the medium progresses and evolves. I like that sed mentioned Boxxi. Boxxi was my initial inspiration when I started out. I always wanted to be able to create images like his. To some extent I have achieved that...I shall endeavour to be a little more explanatory from here in and can fully understand where you are coming from. Good point Artur! Congratulation Cool Wink A w a r d
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 02:46)
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Aaron, you made a point but....I like the secrets on women...but in that case, I have to make a description on how I was able to discovered them, - if I managed to do so ( most of the times I do... ) ahahah. Happy Happy Happy
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 03:12)
Reply by: adni18
I don´t like ´mandatory´ things, though I understand your point of view Artur and I agree with you Happy
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 03:14)
Reply by: sed
GT is such a stud! Cool
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 03:24)
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Sorry Nikos, when I said mandatory I meant not to be mandatory on the site, but within ourselves.And is still my opinion. Happy Congratulation
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 03:26)
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No sed, I´m not a stud, but I love women....eheheh Cool
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 05:03)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
One of the most original descrip ideas I saw in my short time here was a SERIES addicting me to the descrips themselves (which still belonged to good art, though - hehe). It was so cute + original. Round Xmas 2005 - Sally (kchristine) had Christmas POEM verses, in each descrip u found it continued the next time. THAT was FUN.

Of course if the upload is something GREAT - no descrip works for me. Might be a matter of time for some big artists sharing to many sites. But don´t be too SHY for a descrip, even newbies! Years later you might like reading YOURSELF what surrounding u were in when sharing - hot weather, cold, celebration, suite, inspired by whatever.

Or just version 3a due to improvement such + such, zoomfix on update etc. Cool And gee, another great topic lol

1 decade ago (04.05.2006 01:00)
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Hmmm...I always give the size, because the preview has a different size...For me, the title is enough, that should say it all.