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bachbeet / 1 decade ago (01 May 2006 10:45)

I really like a lot of the icons I've seen here and at other skinning sites. However, one area where most sets are lacking is that they by and large don't include an icon for the firefox browser. I would appreciate more firefox icons in future sets. After all, isn't firefox the 2nd most popular browser?

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1 decade ago (02.05.2006 10:18)
Reply by: sed
Sounds like a fair request Grin
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 03:18)
Reply by: MountainHawk
There are plenty of Firefox icons about and the evolution of changing an icon is not a laborious task so for me it does not matter whether Firefox is in a pack or not. Where does it stop. Opera fanatics will want there´s and Avant people will want theres and then there are all the other applications. Imagine the size of an icon pack with every application represented in it. Changing icons is no biggy really or adding one. Congratulation
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 03:48)
Reply by: bachbeet
moutainhawk: I did a google search for firefox icons and found very few. And, if you note, I said firefox is the 2nd most popular browser. It´s not as if I expect everyone to add every obscure icon for every obscure program out there. I´m simply saying that I would expect the second most popular browser to have an icon included. Your "slippery slope" argument stops at the most popular.
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 06:40)
Reply by: MountainHawk
If you go to deviantART and take a look through Jairo Bedouyen page he has plenty as do many others on that site. I don´t believe you have invalidated the argument. It may be the second most popular but that does not give it any more credibility or leverage than any other. The main problem I have with Firefox and why I quit using it is every time they upgrade none of the extensions work and you have to go around trying to find updated once which generally come out some time after the upgrade so on that basis I do not find it an exemplary example of a browser but each to his own.
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 09:37)
Reply by: adni18
With only one click Firefox finds the extension updates and install them, no need to find them your self dear Iain Happy
Maybe that was a case in older versions.. Wink
Don´t forget that Firefox IS VERY FAST!
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 01:17)
Reply by: MountainHawk
Might happen for you adni but it has never done it for me. I am talking about the latest versions. Sure when it updates it looks for extensions but it never has yet completely updated the lot and if I run a new version of Firefox I always lose some extensions until the authors upgrade them. K-Meleon is faster than Firefox. Congratulation Cool Wink A lot of people have forgotten about K-Meleon because it does not have as many bells and whistles but it is still the quickest browser I know.
1 decade ago (03.05.2006 03:18)
Reply by: adni18
K-Meleon? Never heard about, I thing that I wil give it a try Happy
About the Firefox now, I am just a new user, I don´t know much about it, I only know that I am content with it Wink